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1, the first to open the mobile phone download good software, open the general will be reminded to use mobile phone number landing, after all, QQ and this software is a family, no longer register, also very troublesome.

2, in the following will be prompted to choose the phone model, small series is already set up before the display of this screen. There are flow monitoring, battery monitoring, network speed to better understand the performance of mobile phones, pay attention to the last photo management, is today to introduce the focus of OH.

3, click the photo management, will display the following figure.

Photo cleaning, you can automatically detect all the photos inside the phone, you can delete it here, small knitting think this generally useless, no software can also be deleted;

Photo backup, can be a long shot to the cloud;

Photo encryption, described in detail below.

4, here small set up, please note the above figure in the upper right corner of the setting, click to show the following figure, here to modify the password can be modified photos encrypted password, you can also set fingerprint lock.

5, set a good password, return to click the photo encryption, will show the following, if there is a set of fingerprint password will be prompted to unlock the home keys at the home key album, if the set is a digital password, input can enter the encrypted album.

6, the photos here are absolutely confidential Oh, click on the add below, you can store the phone photos to add in.

Click on the upper right corner of the editor, click on the photo, you will be prompted to delete, or decryption, after the decryption, the photo will be back to the location of the phone store photos, you can view the normal.

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