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The change of information pattern prompts Tencent to get through, portal, blog, video, mobile, deep integration of its own high-quality resources. The facelift interface is clear and simple, the design is smooth, the beautiful boundary face value is quite rare.

Tencent Web site: www.qq.com, a news portal can have such an interface let me unexpected. Perhaps not everyone can have me so deep experience it, designed people when feeling it's not easy.

Why is Tencent Web revised?

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, mobile apps are booming, and the news portal is the originator of Yahoo's woes. More than 10 years ago, the portal prided itself on providing a comprehensive and informative catalogue of information. Now more people are using social networks, social media, video, mobile Internet as a portal to get information. Tencent chief Editor Chen Juhong, stressed that "when the platform is no longer the first entrance, we should realize that our content to the depth of the operation of the time, let Tencent's Tencent Weibo, Tencent video, Tencent network depth combination, release greater energy." ”

Micro-blogging, social media. With incredible speed, massive fragmentation of data, very high user participation and communication power. Micro Bo is a lot of celebrity dialogue world audience and the media of a port, is the media to adopt the important information source. All kinds of details in micro Bo become the boiling point, the Oolong incident constantly "happy" bubble, the public opinion hot endless churning.

In the "Global media war" that began in London, Weibo has become an emerging force that cannot be overlooked. Isling won in 60 seconds by tens of thousands of forwarding, about the sun of the collar will always attract yy, Liu Xiang a fall, the masses of micro-blog attracted Sina server downtime. One-tenth of the Earth people through the micro-blog Twitter face book to see the Olympics, the IOC official said that London is the most social one of the Olympic Games. Weibo can break the gap between time and space, with "second push" bring "zero Difference" "0 distance" of the real scene. I deeply feel Weibo in today's media is very important, micro-blog in Sina up, and Sina Weibo's traffic has surpassed the Sina portal. In Baidu search for a news, at the bottom of the page to give the latest micro-blog results.

Video, information technology is evolving, video is undoubtedly the most potential media form. From the perspective of information transmission, video can be simple and vivid direct presentation of rich information, with text and pictures incomparable advantages. For instant coverage, television has to be scheduled for a particular time, while wireless live has a more intense immediacy and a sense of locality. People are increasingly moving away from television to online video, which has plenty of resources to watch anytime, anywhere.

According to the report, 2012 online video has become the user's longest daily use of the network applications, is China's largest application, the user size is still expanding. Tencent video of the monthly user coverage is second only to Youku, ranked number two, currently has the greatest potential for development. Next, the video website in the content, the service and the platform aspect investment also will be more perfect, the on-line video or will welcome the development peak again.

Mobile interconnection, is the future. The future has come. For a short while, BlackBerry and Nokia have fallen from high-end to less people, and Apple and Android have taken up people's eyes, with a large number of students in the pocket of an intelligent machine. Mobile interconnection is spreading at incredible speed. According to CNNIC latest data, as of the end of June this year, mobile phone users up to 388 million, the first time beyond the PC, Mobile became the first major internet terminals. Listening to Cai's words, he has no longer invested in PC Internet projects, only investing in mobile internet projects, or even saying "PC is dead". His words only when a reference, but can be seen today is the mobile interconnection explosion speed development period, many important applications next to labeled "mobile version" three words, the future of the main battlefield is mobile internet.

In the Olympics ...

Tencent to complete the deep integration before the Olympics, we look at the immediate effect of integration. In the "London Olympics" section of Tencent's main position, video and Weibo hold the Great Wall of the Olympic Games. The Tencent Olympics page (2012.qq.com), a large half of the report is based on micro-blog and video launch. We have seen reports of the Olympic Games, Weibo and video can not be absent, must be integrated.

Tencent is more than all aspects of the strength, micro-bo is exerting power after Sina, the video is second only to Youku, wireless micro-letter Thunder full, the portal in the revision before the high. After integration, Tencent's comprehensive advantages will be more prominent. In addition to the Tencent in order to do enough manpower and resources and time preparation, the international are amazed Tencent's ability to report on the Olympic Games!

July 3 early morning, has always been rigorous Tencent to create "the next generation of Tencent network for the slogan" to complete the Tencent online since the largest revision of the adjustment.

So what are the changes in the old and new editions?

Click on the top of the "new introduction" to see what the revised people want to tell us what the change is.

One-click Login:

One-click Login Micro bo space mailbox friend. After logging in, users can implement some personalized settings. In addition, the data can be collected according to the login ID, and the intelligent push of the information is realized after analyzing the data. It was strongly stated that it was important for the user to decide whether or not to have the service, and that Google had been prosecuted for involving user privacy. I think, see "Guess you like" such words, not annoying. The search engine can be the first stop on the internet because it can find out what we want from the mass of information. Even if it is advertising, if it is their own needs, will be quite acceptable, I think the intelligent push has a future.

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