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In some network through the sharing of Internet, some users can not avoid the use of thunder and other download software a large number of bandwidth consumption, resulting in the use of other users network card phenomenon. Below we will introduce the next Tengda router speed limit method diagram, below take W331R wireless router as an example:

Wide-band control can limit the network computer network traffic, the device can set up to 20 limit rules, up to 254 PCs at the same time to support the traffic restrictions, and support the configuration of the address section.

Login Tenda Router Setup interface, as shown below:

Click on the left "bandwidth control" as shown below:

Enable Bandwidth control: Turn on and off the intranet IP bandwidth control function. The default is off.

Interface: Enter the actual upload bandwidth and download bandwidth of the WAN port.

Service: Select the type of service that traffic limits. such as HTTP services.

IP address: Traffic control of the host IP address range, can be a single IP, can also be an IP segment.

Speed Limit Direction: The IP address range of IP application of the speed limit direction, you can choose to upload only direction, download.

Bandwidth Range: Allows the specified IP range of hosts to upload/download the minimum to the maximum data flow, the unit is kbyte/s. The maximum upload/download limit should not exceed the bandwidth limit of the WAN.

Enabled: Enables the current editing rule. If not, this rule exists, but is not enabled.

Add to list: When editing is complete, click the "Add to List" button to add the current edited bandwidth control rule to the rules table.

Save: The currently edited rule will not take effect until the user clicks Save.

Restore: After the user clicks Restore, discards all operations after the last save.

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