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Method One: Enter the TENGDA router set inside restore (recommended)

1, in the computer has a normal connection on the Tengda router, in the computer to open the Tengda router landing address:, and then use the Router Administrator account password login, then click on the left "System Tools", as shown in the following figure.

2, and then click "Restore Factory Settings", in the right-hand side of the operation panel, continue to click to restore factory settings, in the Pop-up confirmation box, click "OK" can be the router to restore the factory settings, as shown in the following figure.

Method Two: Use Reset key to restore Tengda Router factory settings If you forget the Router administrator password, unable to login to the router back to the background of the factory settings, then we can only take the ultimate method, using the "Reset key" to restore the factory settings.

Each router will design a reset button on the fuselage to make it easy for users to forget their passwords and restore factory settings easily. Tenda router is no exception, we just hold down the TENGDA router reset button about 8 seconds, you can restore the router to the factory state, as shown in the following figure.

The specific method is, in the case of the Tengda router power, press the router to identify the Wps/rst reset button, about 8 seconds later, the SYS indicator on the router flashes 3 times fast or off, then the router is restored successfully, then you can release the key.

The router will then automatically reboot and do not unplug the router when rebooting. In addition, some routers to prevent users accidentally squeeze the reset button, the general Reset key button design in the hole inside, the user needs to use a ballpoint pen head or small wire operation.

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