Test of compound Interest Calculation 1

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Test module Data Forecast results Input data Error results Error handling
1. Principal and interest

Principal blank

Interest rate blank
Number of years blank
The principal is 0
Interest rate is 0
The number of years is 0
Interest rate greater than 1
The principal is infinitely large
2. Principal Principal and interest is 0
Interest rate is 0
The number of years is 0
The principal interest is very large
1  Public DoubleCalculatea (DoubleYears2,intN2,DoublePrincipal2,Doublerate2) {2         DoubleAmount2 = 0;3          while(Years2 <=n2) {4             /*amount = Principal * MATH.POW (1 + rate, year);5 Output + = string.valueof (year) + "\ T" + currencyformatter.format (amount) + "\ n";6 Year = year + 1;*/7Amount2 = Principal2 * MATH.POW (1 +Rate2, years2);8                    9             TenYears2 = years2 + 1; One         } A         returnAmount2; -}

The previous code has not been marshaled, which is the function of the principal and interest package, but not when testing

1  Public class atest {23    @Test4public     void  Test () {5         double a=new fuli1 (). Calculatea (1, 3, 10000, 0.03); 6         Assertequals (10927.27, a); 7     }89 }

Reason for error:Assertequals supports Boolean,long,int and so on Java primitivetype variables.

1  Public classatest {2 3     4 @Test5      Public voidTest () {6         DoubleA=NewFuli1 (). Calculatea (1, 3, 10000, 0.03);7         Booleanflag=0.0==a-10927.27;8Assertequals (true, flag);9}

Not very familiar with testing, looking for other resources in learning

There are other predictions that are being tested, which are only part of the

Second, summary

For this quiz, I think my previous code is a mess, all are squeezed together so that I can not understand their own ideas, through the test, I am slowly learning to make up a clear structure of the program

Test of compound Interest Calculation 1

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