Test work--SELENIUM2 Environment construction

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Environment construction

first, the development environment:

1, JDK1.6

2. Eclipse:Version:Kepler Service Release 1,:http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/

3, Selenium:selenium-java-2.39.0.zip,:http://code.google.com/p/selenium/downloads/list

Unpack the Selenium-java package, which contains four parts, such as:


Second, create a new Java Project:

1. Create a Java project:

2, then the above extracted files copied to the new project directory, directory structure such as:


3. Add build path, project directory right-->build path--> config build Path-->java build Path-->libraries-->add JARs, Add all the jar packages under the Libs folder and add Selenium-java-2.48.2-srcs.jar and Selenium-java-2.48.2.jar


3, add after the directory structure, such as, more referenced Libraries, here is the above step added to the jar package:

now that the environment is ready to work, here is a simple little example to write.

4. Create a new test class under SRC, such as:

5, add code, implementation: open Baidu, and then in the Baidu search box input HelloWorld, click the Search button, close the browser.

ImportOrg.openqa.selenium.By;ImportOrg.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;ImportOrg.openqa.selenium.WebElement;Import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.*;PublicClassTestClass {public static void< Span style= "color: #000000;" > main (string[] args) {// If Firefox is not installed on the C drive by default, you need to make its path Span style= "color: #008000;" >//system.setproperty ("Webdriver.firefox.bin", "D:/program Files/mozilla firefox/ Firefox.exe "); Webdriver Driver = new Firefoxdriver (); Driver.get (" http://www.baidu.com/"); Driver.manage (). window (). Maximize (); Webelement txtbox = driver.findelement (By.name ("WD" ); Webelement btn = driver.findelement (by.id ("su"  

Then directly right-click-->run As-->java application can see the effect.

Test work--SELENIUM2 Environment construction

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