Testers talk about the focus of app testing

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In recent years, mobile apps have also continued to be very hot. Mobile apps based on Android and iOS are favored by many investors. The same is true of the mobile software testing industry.

The most listening is web testing and app testing, but actually there is no difference in nature.

The app on the phone is divided into HTML5-based apps (similar to the B/S app on the PC) and the local app (similar to the C/s structure). So the test is a complete combination of Web-B and C/s Test experience.

The difference between the two in the actual testing work is due to the compatibility factors considered.

1, the Web test needs to consider the implementation of its own functions and browser's concurrent use;

2, the Terminal app test in addition to consider their own functions to achieve or not, but also to consider a lot of external factors.

such as: WiFi network, different resolution device adaptation, compatibility, call, no electricity and other factors.

But web testing and app testing are mostly manual tests, and occasionally automated test tools are used for simple testing. For example, test the app as an example and use Testwriter to test it automatically:

1, install, uninstall, start the app test;

2, upgrade test, function test, data comparison test;

3. Testing (including flight mode) interruption test under various network conditions;

4, low power when the app can be used normally, the app switch test (minimize, multiple app switching problems), shut down, the app can be used after standby and so on.

Of course, there are more test tools, we search by ourselves ~

Testers talk about the focus of app testing

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