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Here we introduce several commonly used text layout tags:<p>, <BR>, <B>, <I>, <U>.

Define paragraph <P>...</P>
This tag is used to indicate the beginning and end of a text paragraph. This tag must use an end tag.

ALIGN: Used to set the alignment of text. Its value has left (aligned), right (right-aligned), center (centered). The default value is left-aligned.
Example: <p align=center> Set paragraph alignment to center </P>


Set paragraph alignment to center

Breaking the line <BR>
The <BR> tag enables the client browser to insert a newline character. The <BR> tag can be placed either behind the same text or on a single line, and the result is the same. Note that:<br> is different from <P>.
Hello <BR>
This is a test <BR>


How are you doing
This is a test

Bold display text <B>...</B>
<B> tags enable browsers to display specific text in bold characters. This tag does not have any attributes.
<B> Show text in bold </B>


  Display text in bold

Italic display text <I>...</I>
The text in the <I> tag will be displayed in italics. This tag does not have any attributes.
<I> display text in italics </I>


  Display text in italics

Underlined text <U>...</U>
The <U> tag causes the browser to underline the text in the <U> tag. This tag does not have any attributes.
<U> add underline to text </U>


  underline text

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