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In the SEO family, there are many brothers and sisters, such as chain, inner chain, website interface design, user experience, popularity value, product display, keyword, article update, friendship links, density and so on, there are large, there are small, there are young, there are old, male, there are females, Today I tell the story of our little lover? This little lover is very delicate, no matter how you please her, she will not talk to you, unless you touch her interest to go, she will listen to you, so that the overall site rankings have better results. Therefore, we do SEO is not very tired ah? In order to let "little Lover" Happy, happy, we can be as painstaking, every day for the ranking of keywords to stabilize still stick to their posts, thus ignoring their real little lover, feel the same wood there ah? So today I am very faint to talk about our "little Lover", together to explore the method of multiplier.

first of all, we must first understand our "little lover" temper to the right remedy!

The so-called key words: As the name implies is very important and useful words. It's not easy to memorize a piece of text in a short period of time, so just remember the key words or sentences in the middle, and search for the text by these words or sentences. A product keyword includes target keywords and long tail keywords, under normal circumstances product name is the target keyword. For example: Dengfeng water purification Material Factory specializes in producing all kinds of activated carbon and filter materials. In this sentence, abundant water purification, activated carbon, filter materials are keywords, through these keywords can quickly find this information to find what we want to know.

again, how do we treat this "little lover"?

We all know that the ultimate goal of SEO is to improve the user experience, improve sales performance. Keyword is the core of the site, then this core should be how to make it? Since it is all for customers, we should be the customer to stand in the perspective of customers to think about the problem? If I were a client, what words would I search? For example, if you are a reactive charcoal that wants to buy clean air, which word would you like to search for? You think of is the customer thought, but people's thinking is not the same, maybe you think is activated charcoal, maybe he is thinking of air purification, all kinds of. At this time, we will rely on webmaster tools to help, query which word is the search for a higher volume. In addition, we can also refer to the opponents of the site's keyword settings, because we have to work in the future, for their own "little lover" exclusion of all obstacles and contenders, must be able to understand each other's core technology, have the opportunity to defeat him. In addition, there are some tools to set the key words, we can also refer to.

Finally, how can we take care of this "little lover"?

This is a problem that every seoer is concerned about. Rookie faint thought that this is not a simple job, we need to start from the following aspects.

1, the distribution of key words. Since it is our core, is our flagship brand, then we have to let customers remember the word, in our website can find the shadow of the word everywhere. So the product list, the top of the page, the left, the title, the news text within the first 200 words, hyperlink text should appear. And the best range is between the 2%--8%. Everything has a yardstick, too much will backfire.

2, the key word diversification. The above we talked about the customer's different ideas, so the search words are also various, we have to do diversity, our products will be diversified display, such as: Long tail keywords. The long tail keyword used well, also can make our order to a lot.

3, pay close attention to the heat of the search. We set the keyword is to facilitate the user search, if no one to search, we set it what is the use of it? So be constantly concerned about the search index, reasonable adjustment.

To sum up, our "Little Lover" status of the battle is very difficult ah. But I believe that if you follow these methods to optimize the words, should be small achievements, I hope that our keywords will always be in front of others, comrades, how do you think? This article from the faint, there are dissidents please communicate with me, this is our official website: http:// reproduced please be sure to retain the text of the signature and related copyright, thank you.

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