The 10/20/30 rule to follow in making PPT presentation

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When you use PPT, do you think about what you can do to achieve better results? Some simple rules, which are often meaningful and rewarding. Kawasaki, a famous Japanese venture capitalist, put forward the 10/20/30 principle of PPT presentation:

• Demo file not exceeding 10 pages;

• No more than 20 minutes of speech time;

• The font used for the demo is no less than 30 points.

10 pages: Do not use a lot of content to make your ppt appear very substantial, 10 pages full, too much content so that people can not remember the point. And if you're writing to VC, Guy Kawasaki the following 10 key points: questions, your solutions, business models, key technologies, marketing programs, competition, team, business forecasts and milestones, status and timelines, and summaries.

Define your own structure more clearly

Bullets and numbering for the eye-catching appearance of the font has played a big role, but the PPT default "point" is more monotonous, we can do their own, the need to pull up?

  Tip: to perform the format → Bullets and Numbering command, select a template for your meaning in bulleted items or numbering, or click Customize to select a variety of bullets in the new Pop-up dialog box. The style is richer and the structure is clearer.

Super Link content richer

The total feeling content is not enough, in case the customer wants to see further detailed information?

  tip: the branches are effective.

  First: Select the Hyperlink object (text, graphic), click Slide Show → action settings or the AutoShape action button, select a button, drag the Graphic case button, and then select Hyperlink in the Action Settings dialog box, selecting the object you want to link to OK. If you change the selected object, go to insert → hyperlink, modify and determine the contents of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, and delete the hyperlink if you select Unlink.

  20 minutes: Although you may have only 1 hours, but the projection may take a long time, in addition to the audience may be late or leave early, not to mention the interaction with the audience and the question and answer time is so important, so just say 20 minutes time is a wise choice, And listeners tend to be distracted and bored with more than 20 minutes of speech.

Rehearsal timing, precise timing.

Sometimes, we may be more and more excited, at the end of time is not much, had to hastily. How to accurately grasp the time? To get the time guarantee, you can rehearse it several times before the formal presentation. Go to slide show → rehearsal timings to manually control the playback of the slide and customize the playback time for each slide, which is handy.

Shortcut keys speed up the good helper

At the beginning of the show, you can quickly switch between several different view states (normal view, slide sorter view, slide show) by using the view buttons in the lower-left corner of the screen. Of course, if you press F5, you go directly to the playback state. By default, press Enter or space is the next page (such as using a wireless mouse to stand in a speech), "←" is to return to the previous page, ESC is to return to normal view state. Answer the listener question or intermission, press B key, directly into the black screen, and then press once to restore the original state.

  30 Point font: 30 point font, in a page ppt can not put how many words. But Guy Kawasaki thinks that using big fonts to write less is more important than getting the audience to see more clearly, and that it allows you to think carefully about the main points you need to write, and to better articulate and interpret the key points.

Highlight contrast font more eye-catching

The font is big, the light is not enough. Do you want to temporarily adjust your computer settings while you are demonstrating? Don't be so troublesome. In PPT, use High contrast to view slides.

First go to the Windows start → settings → Control Panel command, double-click the accessibility icon, and on the Display tab, select the Use High Contrast check box to determine. Then on the PPT View menu, point to Color/grayscale, and perform the High-contrast command.

  Note: The high Contrast setting is for viewing slides and thumbnails in normal and slide sorter view mode, which is just a screen setting that does not affect the actual presentation or the printed presentation.

The more you write, the richer your content, the more powerful it looks? Focus on the entire PPT logic line, in reading the process of thinking about each ppt in the entire presentation of the role, how each other in the logical extension of the view, the brain has a "big picture", the richer data, arguments and other content as "attachment", so that the text becomes direct and concise, In the statement of natural turn and, the emphasis is outstanding, is the hard truth.

10/20/30 rule, if you think it makes sense, try to change some of your habits.

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