The 28 most fraudulent food names 'Don't you discuss it'

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The 28 most fraudulent food names 'fool you didn't discuss '1. Who would like to eat "naked beauty "? -- It's the peanuts! 2. I ordered a "Mother and Child meeting" dish at the Hotel downstairs in the company. The dish came up and looked dizzy! Beans and bean sprouts! 3. I ordered a dish of "Snow flying fox", that is, fried shrimps (white) with a few small fried shrimps on it! However, the xueshan flying fox in Sai 'an restaurant is much better. After the Little Scorpion is blown up, it will be placed on the shrimp slices. 4. Walking on the small road in the country, oh, it turned out to be braised trotters, and then add coriander on the side! 5. I once went to Bashan for dinner and found a dish called "One Country, Two Systems". I casually asked the waiter what it was. The waiter said, "It's a boiled peanuts and fried peanuts ". 6. In Daqing, I saw the propaganda written on the blackboard outside a small restaurant. youdao dish is called the Bosnia and Herzegovina war. This is especially strange. I asked the original question: Spinach fried black fungus !!! 7. I have also eaten a dish called Qinglong sleep, which is a dish of white sugar with a root of cucumber. 8. "Snow under fire" is the salad of tomatoes on sugar. 9. One day, I ordered a "whisper" at the banquet tower. I came up and saw that it was a pig's tongue and ears. 10. I remember the last time I had a dish in tai'an-"three beautiful mountains". At first glance, it was cabbage and tofu, so I asked the lady, and replied: Sanmei is cabbage, tofu and water, and Taishan's water is the most beautiful .. 11. I ordered a dish named "The peerless dual", that is, qingchilies + red chilies: 12. Also, red light district-spicy chicken 13. Guan Gong war Qin Qiong: Tomato scrambled eggs--red face and yellow face 14. A classic dish called "heartache" is actually a cup of boiled water (50 yuan), which is really painful. 15. A friend went to Taishan to play and ordered a copy of "beef noodle" in a noodle shop ". Later I found that there was no beef. So I called the shopkeeper to discuss the problem and got the answer: the noodle maker surnamed Niu! My friend almost fainted on the spot. Q: do you not consider long-term business? The shopkeeper replied: ordinary guests will come to Taishan once a lifetime. I am lucky to have a bowl of noodles. 16. Do you know what "killing pigs with a single stick" is? It's fried pig with bean sprouts !!! 17. I remember once I ordered a dish on the dining table named "Duxiu Feng". I came up and saw it. Good guy, it turned out to be a duck ass. 18. Has anyone ever eaten the hot kiss? --Oh, it's just the pepper fried pig! :) 19. The name of the dish is xiao'er heijun. Is it a plate? Why does it happen? Pig! 20. During the bombing of the Embassy in the United States, a restaurant launched a dish called "braised American Embassy". Let's take a look! It's braised large intestine! Put it under the table without a click. 21. On a business trip to the south, I saw a dish called "chaotian Jue" during my dinner ...... Let's take a look. Oh, eight goose ass are put on the plate !!! 22. On a business trip in Xi'an, I watched others eat fried chicken legs and red tomato sauce, so I had to pay for it. When I paid the bill, the lady shouted to me, "Mr. asked me 12 yuan for the first night of virgins !" 23. The famous "your black hair is my hand"-kelp trotters. (= Salted pig) 24. "Black Bear and stick", guess, what is it? Hey, it's fungus fried bean sprout !!! 25. In a restaurant in Huangshan, eat "Huangshan yijue! It turned out to be a dish of Fern. I handcuff it !!! 26. One of my classmates came to a restaurant and saw a dish named "moon in the monkey". I thought it could be good. I bought it and saw it. It turned out to be a dish of vinegar with a drop of oil, it's just a blow !!! 27. I have a meal at a certain hotel. After a few meals, I have some vegetarian dishes, one of which is called "Silver sprout covered". The name looks fresh. After the food is served, What do you guess? The white stem at the beginning and end of the bean sprout is covered with a spread of eggs. 28. The most classic one is this: Once you see a dish called "Prince Charming". At that time, everyone along with the company had no idea why, so they had a disk. As a result, take a look at the dishes ~~~ Just a big piece of tofu was inserted with a picture of Andy Lau ...... All the people go to the ground and spit out the white foam in the mouth.

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