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ACK compares the 10 great advantages of grep:

1. Faster: Default only to search for its preset format (such as:. Lua. py. C. cpp, etc.).

2. Greener: As long as Perl is installed, you can download an ACK script.

3. More convenient: Recursive search directory is the default method.

4. More Human nature: Default ignore. Svn/cvs/coredump and other objects that are obviously incompatible.

5. Larger RE set: Perl Re, not a subset of the GNU re.

6. Clearer: Search results support color/highlight display.

7. Shorter: 25% shorter than grep! 50% shorter than the grep-r!

8. More Humorous: Ack--thppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppt

Here we will configure the following ubuntu:

1. Create bin directory in current user directory (if not): mkdir ~/bin

2. Download Ack:curl > ~/bin/ack

3. Change the Ack file mode: chmod 777 ~/bin/ack

4. Copy to root directory: sudo cp ~/bin/ack/usr/bin/

OK, configuration finished, we can casually CD to a directory below, search our keywords, such as ack "way". You'll find more n times than grep!

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