The $.ajax method based on jquery makes the resolution of the page flicker by asynchronous request _jquery

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Currently there is a need to fill in the text box, automatically trigger the KeyUp event, the Drop-down list will automatically filter the appropriate options, but the use of $,ajax found that every time the event triggered, causing the entire Web page flashing, triggering the global Ajax event

Code fragment

$.ajax ({ 
type: "POST", 
url:root + "/xxx, 
dataType:" JSON ", 
success: function (data) { 
//Empty list 
$ ("#formOpinion #listLeft"). empty (); 
$.each (data, 
function (i, $data) { 
var $option = $ ("<option name= ' Opinion.tag ' value=" 
+ $data. Code + $ + ">" + $data. Code 
+ $data. Name + "</option>"); 
Bind data to Listleft 
$ ("#formOpinion #listLeft"). Append ($option); 


View the jquery API documentation found that there is a global attribute in the $.ajax. You can set whether to globally scope AJAX events, default to True, and false to

The above content is small to introduce the jquery based on the $.ajax method of asynchronous request cause page flicker solution, hope to all help!

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