The alternative method of drawing ruler rules

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I've often seen some people send out icons with guides. All kinds of circles are flying, tangent, intersecting or something, and then trim out a pretty graphic. It looks as if it's very powerful.

Then I also want to draw a dress force to play. The result is a try, immediately not. First of all, two circular tangent, whether AI PS or sketch seems to have no tangent point adsorption function, at most can zoom in on the appearance of gestures, and then pretend to be tangent (of course, I also saw someone introduced some plug-ins, but it is still a little trouble to use). Then you cut out the extra parts. At this time, my practice is to continue to enlarge. Then add an anchor point at almost the intersection, then cut the whole process and its pain. Once the cost of the load exceeds the tolerable range, it will not be done.

This time will start from my life, in fact, I am ... All right, that's not it. Actually, I'm an engineering man. College is a mechanical major, after graduation is the mechanical design. A year ago only heard of PS, will not use, I do not know what AI, but also did not hear of sketch. But always like painting, middle School began to self-study, the university has been painting their own play. Think of drawing (especially some standard graphics, such as round, square, etc.), only one software in mind: AUTO CAD. The first thing to go to work every day is to open AutoCAD.

AutoCAD was originally used to draw engineering drawings. But it almost solves all the problems I've been talking about, as long as it's some of the most basic graphic combinations that can be drawn, tangent, and trimmed. To play the same thing. Then I started looking for a way to get AutoCAD into the AI. Found that the graphic can be copied directly to the past. Ctril C,ctril V, it's so simple.

The next thing to do is to open it. (I'm finally going to get to the point before I write a novel in this tutorial)

First of all, of course you have to draw a sketch.

In fact, this picture was first painted last year. The sketch did not know where I had been thrown, and now, in order to write this, pretending to draw one, pretend to be the original sketch. Still smelly don't face of pretend very unintentionally to take my automatic pencil also to take in.

Next, in AutoCAD, draw a series of Huang proportions of the circle. Arrange the position according to the sketch. Then make some adjustments and make them tangent. Thousands of words omitted here.

The painting looks pretty and begins to trim. I'll say it in detail below. First, select the circle you want to trim. I chose three first to demonstrate.

Then enter a trim command (TR), and then click Three when you enter, and that's it.

Then, continue to cut.

That's it. Copy when selected. Open AI paste.

Leads to the AI will find that some segments are separate, and did not form a closed graph. However, because the drawings in AutoCAD are precisely aligned, although the line is disconnected, but the anchor point is still coincident. Just the right key to connect the line.

Even after the good, fill color, stroke or something on the completion.

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