The ambiguity of the JavaScript parenthesis "()"

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  This article mainly introduces the ambiguity of JavaScript parenthesis "()". Need friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you.

JavaScript parentheses have five semantics   semantics 1, function declaration when parameter table     code as follows: Functions func (ARG1,ARG2) {   //... }  & nbsp Semantic 2, which is used in conjunction with some statements to achieve certain limitations   code as follows://for use with   for (Var a in obj) {   //... }   //And if Working with   if (boo) {   //... }   //And while using   while (boo) {   //... }&NB Sp  //And doing while working with   do{   //... }while (Boo)     NOTE: When used with an if, while and do, the parentheses will include the table The result is implicitly converted to a Boolean value. See implicit type conversions in JavaScript.   Semantics 3, used with new to pass the value (argument)     code as follows://Suppose you have defined a class person, it has two field names, age (aged)   var p1 = new Person (' Jack ' ;    Semantics 4, as the invocation operator of a function or object method (if the parameter is defined and can be passed as semantics 3) copy the code as follows://Assuming that the function is defined func  func ();   // Suppose the object obj has been defined and has the Func method   Obj.func ();    Here The typeof operator, some people like to use   typeof (XXX);   Note that the TypeOf parenthesis is not semantic 4 (that is, not a function call), but rather the semantic 5 that is mentioned later. I use typeof generally without the following parentheses.     Semantics 5, enforcing expression operations     about Semantic 5, you're most familiar with using eval to parse JSOn     code is as follows: function Strtojson (str) {       //eval strings are both flanked by a mandatory operator ()       &NBS P;var json = eval (' (' + str + ') ');        return json; }    And if you use more anonymous functions copy code code as follows: (function () {   //... &n Bsp }) (); 
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