The animation demonstration effect of the middle bracket expansion in PPT

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There are many occasions when you want to enter text where you will be prompted to "click here to enter text" and enclose it in a pair of brackets. When we click, disappear, and enter text content. For this course, let's introduce the animation effect of the text that the brackets extend.

Case Teaching

① first enter the following text in the main page and place the brackets, as shown in the following figure, select the left bracket, click the menu bar-animation-Custom animation, pop-up right animation pane, click-Add Effect-enter-zoom.

② then selects the bracket on the right, and the same add effect-----zoom in.

③ continues to add a path to the closing parenthesis, click Add Effect--motion path--to the right.

④ set the property to the right, start: After the path: Unlock, speed: very fast.

⑤ adds a path to the left bracket, adding an effect--motion path--to the left.

⑥ set the arguments to the left action, start: Before, path: Unlock, speed: very fast.

⑦ finally select the text box, click Add Effect--enter-split.

⑧ set the detailed properties of the split action, start: Before, direction: center to left and right unfold, speed: very fast.

Animation effects

When all the settings are complete, click the Slide Show button in the animation pane to see it. First appear a set of brackets, then left parenthesis movement, right parenthesis to the right, when at a certain distance, the middle of the text, "Click here to enter the text to be expressed," the last play finished.

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