The animation effect of fireworks bloom in PPT2007

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Every household has the habit of fireworks on New Year's Eve, especially in some small local cities, festive fireworks that is essential. Fireworks can add festive atmosphere, but we also need to pay attention to their own security, the following brief introduction of fireworks bloom animation effect of production.

1. Set the background color to black, download fireworks on the Internet, first select the rising trajectory below, add animation--enter-erase.

2. In the Custom pane, set the start: before.

3. Add effects to the ascending trajectory below-exit-fade out.

4. Click on the right side of the small triangle Drop-down arrow, the speed set to fast.

5. Click on the triangle down arrow after the action below, select timing.

6. Fade effect slightly modified, delay 0.5 seconds, speed is fast, do not need to repeat.

7. Choose Fireworks, add effect--enter--other effects.

8. In the Add Enter Effect dialog box, select the zoom action in the moderate type and click OK.

9. Continue to add an emphasis effect to the fireworks, choose to enlarge/shrink.

10. Finally, the fireworks display end, definitely need to eliminate, add effect--exit--fade out.

11.shift+f5 key play slides, first fireworks are ignited, a light rise in the sky, blown open, gorgeous fireworks, and friends and family to enjoy it is a very good thing.

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