The annual salary of 0.5 million yuan for farmers to sell cool skin, the Internet thinking once again overturned?

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I was born from a rural family in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. I studied from an early age. I remember that when I went to kindergarten, the students were carrying their schoolbags made with cloth, the window in the classroom is covered with a white snakeskin bag in the countryside. In the winter, the north wind roared, and the wind roared from the window because there was no table or bench in the classroom.

From elementary school, I envy those who are very good at learning and the speed at which they can solve problems quickly. Every time many people like me work very hard, but their performance is always average, therefore, every day, we live our lives in question-solving, problem-solving, and high scores. You have to compare with others every day. Gradually, I feel that from now on, your life can only be mediocre, and good students can learn well, looking for a job, earning a high salary, especially when we are most impressed with the college entrance examination, three days a big test, two days a small test, in our minds, we only remember that the college entrance examination was given a fixed mindset for life.

Unfortunately, even though I open a night shuttle every night, the college entrance examination is still on the list. During the summer vacation, I am most afraid of going out. Even occasionally, I feel a voice behind me asking you how many points you have taken for the college entrance examination.

Ten years ago, like other people, I set foot in the study life of the North float. Our school covers an area of more than 300 mu and has the most distinctive feature: the south gate of our school is like the West Gate of Tsinghua University, the north gate is built on the basis of Peking University's west gate. There is no spacious dormitory of the state-owned University, and there is no bright library. We just went there to get a diploma. After each test, I don't know how to learn these things. Can I find a job after graduation.

When I am confused about my job and other students going home every summer, I hear stories from the same village about how spacious their dormitory is. What kind of majors does the school have, I always feel very envious. Someone asked me, I spoke about our major. I was surprised to hear from others. Is there a professional name?

In 2005, a senior computer engineer graduated from college and started his own business as a website outsourcing engineer. At that time, we knew a server scripting language called PHP for website writing. His syntax was similar to the C language of university computer programming, after my elder brother's office left here in the summer of 2006, our students collectively rented a place rented by the elder brother. It was an old courtyard house with no heating and 1 m of iron for Internet access, more than 30 people use it together.

My cousin lent me a computer with a CPU clock speed of MHz to learn PHP at the time of my family's difficulties. We collectively learned programming in a small room, in the cold winter, only self-made coal stove is used for heating. When we encounter programming problems, we first asked du Niang, Google.

We must overcome all programming problems in all places of study. Although the conditions are not as good as those of students at the state-owned University, we can think freely, learn by ourselves, and overcome various programming problems by ourselves.

Just like the survival of north drifting, we have a job problem because we learned the programming language of this website and learned Internet thinking earlier. Therefore, when looking for a job, we ship the job online and then interview. I remember that there were a lot of Internet companies that used websites in. At that time, because the state-owned University did not offer PHP programming courses, our school had a lot of students studying these programming languages.

Therefore, as this school became famous for some internet companies at the time, we went to interview Internet companies and found that the interviewer asked more questions and experiences about this programming language, I don't care about your degree or school background. I was surprised when I went back to the interview, but I was surprised that I didn't ask much about your school background.

At that time, I had a hard time looking for a job. After all, I had no practical experience at school. When others saw that you had no practical experience, they would often reject you. At that time, we were able to access Sina, Baidu, sohu and others were dreams of life. At that time, due to luck, they entered the time as a small company. Now, the famous Internet company in the industry, that is, 360 of the people who often fight everywhere now, since then, it has entered the lives of IT programmers.

I have been living in mainong for seven years. I have been working with colleagues from famous universities, such as Tsinghua and Peking University. Since leaving the campus to enter the working environment, I feel relatively free. Every day, I am more interested in programming. To improve my programming skills, I often visit some famous programming websites, communication between the network and many technical experts requires some programming materials that can be found on the Internet. With the popularization of the network, we will greatly expand our horizons and programming capabilities, it also gradually makes me feel the huge difference between the freedom of online learning and traditional universities.

On the Internet, you do not have any academic qualifications or academic qualifications. If you have any questions about equal and free communication, you can search for the knowledge shared by technical experts in some Q & A communities, the free sharing on the Internet has made me learn from excellent people and become confident. I believe that education and college entrance examination cannot determine your life.

In the past 10 years, I had the honor to go to my last Internet company, which is also my favorite. At this time, I also liked using technology to make products with good user experience in my spare time, because the Internet is facing users directly, however, the cost of leaving a website is very low. Therefore, in the Internet industry, users are the first in terms of products.

I was awakened when I read jobusschuan in 2011. I did not need to do data analysis or market research for products, which completely overturned our thinking on products in traditional industries. Because you can use technology for product innovation in your spare time in your company, and use Weibo to view books frequently shared by Internet bosses, you can watch e-books recommended by industry experts every day on the subway in your spare time, for example, the innovator's dilemma knows that revolutionizing an industry requires a different market and channel.

Many commercial innovations are accompanied by experience innovation, especially apple's products. The traditional industrial products are added with a very exquisite artistic feeling, which makes people scream that the original product is not a more functional, the better, but how to use, learn, and make your products simpler, more convenient, and faster.

Since then, product managers are no longer those with high education and high IQ, but must be the most stupid people with the same thinking power as ordinary people, because the products you produce are mostly not highly educated, persons with high IQ.

Hao123 is the most typical case in the Internet industry. Its founder only has a junior high school degree, however, just because he can feel that it is difficult for a large number of people around him to find their own websites in the vast network ocean, until Baidu acquired them and maintained by a person, this navigation website does not have any complicated technology like a search engine, nor has a very beautiful interface. Even Baidu CEO Li Yanhong said that the simplest is the best.

I also feel a slight resonance. It turns out that with your high degree of education and high IQ, you will become very smart. This smart ability gives personal complexity considerations, while grassroots is very common, therefore, their consideration is simple, so they can have a lot of resonance with many people like themselves and make the most simple and useful products to satisfy these people.

With the increase of free learning time, the increasing scope of reading books, and the increasing self-confidence and ambition, Steve Jobs gave a speech at Stanford University. I hate my professional courses at Reed College, but I chose to drop out of school to attend my favorite calligraphy courses. I learned how to grasp the word spacing and how to make a beautiful plate, with this skill, Apple's first generation of computers that use wordart, Steve Jobs said how he did not learn this course by himself, so Apple would not have such a rich set of fonts.

This is the relationship between 'in' and 'go', And the cause and effect cannot be left blank. Therefore, we only need to look back and find out, but we will connect our lives in the future and believe in the cause and effect relationship, it will give you confidence to follow your own wishes, and never stop, even if you are out of the way. Only in this way can you learn something.

Since last year, my inner volcano has not only erupted, but is my daily life really what I want? When I went home, I watched my parents grow older year by year. Because I had been doing the chilies business for almost 20 years, I was well known in the local area, after one year, I plan to use my many years of work experience to help my family sell chili noodles for liangpiao in Beijing. After the year, I am actively preparing to seek the chili noodles sold by liangpiao store on foot in Haidian District, discovering disappointing scenes, many sellers use bad chili noodles to reduce costs, while the other party only wants a low price, walking around 50 kilometers a day, dragging their bodies tired at night, I was disappointed with my one-day experience.

This is a bold idea of building a cool skin in the dark. Since the chilies in the house are very good, and we are also the hometown of mipi in the famous Qin town, the vinegar in our town is unknown throughout Shaanxi, therefore, we have a strong motivation to do this. We hope that our parents will be able to see more people who have been engaged in chilies for decades in their lifetime.

In order to do a good job of liangpi, I had to call the house for a recipe of liangpi. For a month, I had to eat liangpi almost every day. The house was filled with spices. Although I had a good idea, however, you find that opening a shop is not as simple as you think. You need to be surrounded by all trivial issues every day. Every day, there are various new problems, although I am very tired every day, I only go to bed for a few hours every day, but the quality of sleep is much higher than that of sitting in a company easily. The next day, I got up early and got up all day long, but I still feel energetic, I gradually realized that this kind of strong spirit stems from my own interests. Strong interests can drive myself well, so that I will not backend myself in the face of setbacks.


This article has been reposted by more than 10 media outlets since the beginning of the iheima community. In fact, the theme that codenong wants to express is that it takes a fool to think about products. smart people can easily think of themselves as smart, therefore, he will complicate a problem and think that the things that need to be considered are valuable, because they like the things that have IQ challenges most, but they will often be intelligent.

The standard thinking model in the traditional industrialization age is: large-scale production, large-scale sales, and large-scale dissemination. These three models can be called the "holy trinity" of enterprise management in the industrialization age ",

1) but in the Internet age, these three foundations have been reconstructed. Resources and products are scarce in the industrialization age. Resources and production capacities are regarded as the competitiveness of enterprises;
2) more products are presented in the form of information, and channel monopoly is difficult to achieve;
3) The Internet disconnects all monopoly channels of information, making people a social development trend. Weibo allows everyone to use the media, and meitu xiuxiu allows everyone to use ps, mman mobile phones allow everyone to get comics, and the product production process of sellers will become a collaboration between producers and consumers. The production process of the real industry has also undergone great changes.

After the three foundations are reconstructed, the power of producers and consumers has changed and consumer sovereignty has been formed.

1. Users participate in product R & D and improvement of enterprises.

Enterprises in traditional industries are far away from consumers. In addition to the contact phone numbers and URLs on product packaging, there are very few opportunities for direct communication with consumers. The most common communication is between local agents and dealers, at the same time, because dealers are more focused on services at the sales level, other services are not in place, and more information about enterprises is also obtained by dealers, it is difficult to get some "real and in-depth" Voices from the market,
The emergence of Weibo cut off the traditional complex communication chain, allowing production enterprises to communicate directly with users, and the production of enterprises is becoming more and more transparent. Coainong took the Internet thinking to practice the 020 process, and made a cool-skin take-out. Most of the people who consumed it were women. coainong guided users to our service number in various ways, by allowing customers to communicate with them at close distance, the opening of the business was launched when tianyao Nong Ge gave the customers free trial, while allowing users to directly feedback the taste, the thickness and taste of the shard, the meat was particularly salty at the beginning, when a user gives feedback to him, they can directly interact with the user directly in the service number background, and quickly improve the feedback to further win the approval of the previous negative feedback users, in the traditional industry, if a user is not good at a time, the Internet will make secondary Error Correction possible. Enterprises can further improve the service and quality of their products based on user feedback.

2. Collect data through the network to discover new user needs

Coainong started to activate the take-out service number from the very beginning. Through Internet thinking, the network can collect user behavior data, and through observation, it is found that the user's order information remarks contain less spicy, in terms of garlic, vinegar, and other conditions, the characteristics of the Internet are that individual data can be collected to find some commonalities. Through data analysis, most of our customers are characterized by women and will hold meetings in the afternoon, therefore, eating garlic may affect others. Based on the perception and grasp of the needs of female users, mainong has been promoted to develop a new idea that can completely solve the above three problems. From the perspective of female behavior, it is unacceptable to the other party to look at things that are too visual, and women like to discover surprises from their taste, just like a boy pursuing a girl, you need to make some surprises, but you cannot tell the other party, instead, you should let the other party discover surprises from your gift. Based on the above data analysis and the perception of female's psychological behavior, we developed a new kind of cool skin. We have chosen mustard, tomato sauce, curry, and so on, and found that only the curry has no irritating taste flavor, and the curry itself does not smell the smell, this ensures that users have a pure mouth when eating slice. Curry colleagues are also a kind of international and fashionable things. Many people think that only the curry sauce is in the slice, it's like the curry, beef, rice, and so on we usually eat. The product of codenon is very different from the above.

1. Uncover the scent of the nose, the stronger the flavor of the stir
2. As spicy as tea, each taste of the tongue will be gentle and enhanced
3. Moderate curry flavor, acceptable to anyone

Final, he summarized the characteristics of Internet thinking: connection between people, interaction, data collection, rapid dissemination of information, transparency of information, and democratization of consumption decision-making.

For more information about the interview with MFA Nong, refer to "revolutionizing Internet thinking? Annual salary of 0.5 million RMB for rural branches to sell liangpi

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