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Q: What should I do if I have prepared a lot of mixed-ups?

A: You should be the teacher for all the gangsters. + 25

Q: What can I do if I have been confined to an inn by my aunt?

A: Let me help you. + 25

Q: Where can I eat osmanthus cake?

Answer: shilipo-5; Ferry Port + 15; Inn + 25

Q: Are you sure you want to contact me?

Answer: No + 25

Q: Xiaoyao has learned Jianfa. What can he say?

Answer: Review tips + 25

Q: What should I do if I am happy to seek justice from them?

A: check out Laifu + 25 first.

Q: Do you want to explore a stranger in the inn?

Answer: Tease-5; do not worry + 15; secretly go to view + 25

Q: My brother Xiaoyao cannot take me to fly a kite. It's so lost... what should I do?

A: This is the case every time-5. What's the problem? + 15? You can't play the game! + 25

Q: My brother is always confined by Aunt. Is there any solution?

Answer: dig the secrets and run them out + 25

Q: What should I say if I want to become a hero like my parents?

A: Tell me about your parents + 25

Q: xiaoyao's brother does not know what he is busy reading or talking about?

A: Is it Xianglan? -5; 1 million words + 15; desire to fight + 25

Q: What should I do if I have my brother cutting the wooden sword?

Answer: Hu Shengfeng + 25


Yuhang town

Q: My brother seems worried about me. What should I do? (Yuhang town)

A: I fell down when I ran away... + 50

Q: What is the taste of guihua liquor? (Yuhang town)

A: It's a bit strange-5. I like it very much. If ...... + 30; I want to drink more ~ + 50

Xianling Island

Q: How can I hide with my brother? (Xianling Island)

Answer: + 50 after the Water Moon Palace

Q: I almost fell into the pool and became a zombie. I ...... (Xianling Island)

A: Fortunately, you are at + 50.


Q: The Forest looks gloomy. What should I do? (Suzhou)

A: an adventure with xiaoyao's brother is certainly interesting + 50

Q: Do not touch any area on Li Xiaoyao (Suzhou)

A: touch your hands (watch your arm) + 30; touch your legs (view your legs) + 50


Q: My brother Xiaoyao told me that he would protect me when I had a flying thief in Yangzhou. What should I do? (Yangzhou)

A: I am not afraid of more than 50

Q: Do not touch any area of Li Xiaoyao. (Yangzhou)

Answer: touch your hand (holding Li Xiaoyao's hand) + 50


Q: How can I answer this question? (Beijing)

A: I am only with my brother Xiaoyao + 50

Q: Do not touch any area of Li Xiaoyao)

A: Touch the chest (one head in his arms) + 50


Q: xiaoyao's brother asked me if I wanted to lock the demon tower. What should I do? (Shushan)

Answer: listen to my brother + 30; do not bother my brother + 50; just want to go in and see-5

Q: Do not touch any area of Li Xiaoyao)

Answer: Touch the waist (take a gourd for a gift) + 30; touch the hand (hold your brother's hand) + 50

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