The application of CRM system in the CRM system of the friend channel in the media resources

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in recent years, Media industry With rapid development, it is clear that this can be clearly seen in the various advertising schemes on the streets and in the various forms of advertising. With the rapid development of the industry, competition has become more and more intense. In an invincible position in the fierce competitive market, the traditional way of managing media resources is more and more deficient.

1. Traditional methods of recording media resources have not been able to meet the current competitive environment

Advertising CRM for advertising companies, media resources is the most important link. Traditional methods of media resource management, such as manual Records and Excel tabular forms, not only record time and effort, but also make the media resource query quite inconvenient, and the media information needs special personnel to manage. Imagine, if the company's media resources hundreds of, once some of the advertising media resources have changed, such as the contract expires, contract changes, and so on, that the people responsible for media management will be from this huge amount of data in the query changes in the contract, really reaching. It can be seen that the traditional way of recording media resources is no longer applicable to this fierce competitive environment.

2. Sales staff not always aware of the status of media resources

Advertising industry as a special industry, its advertising is sold through the way of pre-sale. The duration of the contract is longer, and the contract is easy to change during execution. When the column and the time of the advertising adjustment or the contract is not implemented, the media resources can not be released in time for re-sale, prone to the phenomenon of waste of media resources. In addition, because the media resources can not always query statistics often appear the same media resources repeat sales situation, not only waste the company's sales staff energy, back to the customer left a bad impression, even the phenomenon of losing a single.

3. There are many media resources, the implementation period of each contract is different, the advertisement replacement is error-prone ( advertising CRM)

There are many media resources, and the duration of each contract is different, and the time of the change of advertisement varies. Media managers have to deal with a lot of things every day, and a query ad expiry time will inevitably appear missing phenomenon. This led to an error in advertising replacement time, affecting customer satisfaction, and thus affect the company's effectiveness.

4. What media resources are worth the company's bid again? Which media resources should be discarded?

So many media resources, through traditional media resource management, it is difficult to know clearly which media resources can bring benefits to the company? Which media resources have no interest at all and should give up? These things are difficult to control, re-tender media resources, the company is difficult to choose, but also can not do the next business plan and strategic objectives.

visible, the search for a scientific management method to manage the advertising company's media resources, improve work efficiency, so as to enhance the company's competitiveness so that advertising companies have long-term development. Friends Channel CRM Advertising Media Edition of the Media resources management function, to help advertising companies to manage the media resources.

1. Media Resource Management ( advertising CRM)

Friend Road CRM the media resources management according to the specific circumstances of the media format, advertising location, advertising production form and the number of media, such as information, the media resources Unified to a platform, and resources directly through the Excel table imported, without manual input. Among them, as long as the contract changes or expires, the system can automatically modify the corresponding media resources, without manual modification, improve the overall efficiency.

2. Constantly updated media resources

Friends of the CRM is not only convenient to query the specific situation of a media resource, the contract expires or contract changes, the system will automatically update the media resources. In this way, the salesperson can always grasp the situation of media resources, avoid wasting resources and sell the same resources by different sales personnel.

3. Auto Alert function ( advertising CRM)

Friends of the CRM service automatic reminder function, by setting up the issue, the next issue, the end of the contract time, until the set time is about to expire, the system will automatically remind. Will never appear because of a lot of things, resulting in the issue, the next issue of time and the expiration of the contract, so that the whole team busy in order.

4. Analysis of the value of media resources

Friends of the CRM data analysis function, including the performance briefing, sales report, enterprise diagnosis, chain analysis, 28 law, from the macro data analysis to micro-report, and then to the analysis of business management, Help enterprises to better find their own company's business scope. When customizing new sales targets, you can refer to previous data to keep the growth value of your business in a healthy state. When purchasing resources, you can see how much each media resource brings to the company, what resources are owned by the company, and which resources should be discarded. Thus, to improve the interest rate of media resources, reduce business risk, so that the investment funds can get the maximum return. ( advertising CRM)

Advertising CRM advertising System Management Media Resource management System Media resource management software

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The application of CRM system in the CRM system of the friend channel in the media resources

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