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before starting this journal, let's add a copy of the multiply. The positive stacks mentioned in the previous logs are often used in the synthesis of multiple graphs. For example, the white background of the main body, white background portrait withholding, spot color word single channel stack, and all kinds of picture synthesis, etc., these examples can be found on the Internet, here do not introduce.

And the color filter is just the opposite of a positive stack function. Intuitive feeling is mainly filtered out of black, but it is not so simple, I think it is mainly the meaning of color purification and light.

According to the PS own definition:

"View the color information for each channel and compound the complementary color of the blend color with the base color. The result color is always a lighter color. The color stays the same when filtered in black. White filter will produce white. This effect is similar to multiple photographic slides projecting on top of each other. Filter color, the English screen,screen mode and we use the same principle of the display, so there is a version of it translated into the ' screen '. ”

According to this section of PS, in RGB mode, I did a principle of testing for friends to refer to. The following descriptions are performed in RGB color mode and do not consider overflow issues.

A schematic diagram of the principle

The following (figure I) is in RGB mode, made with HSB a simple 12 color standard, and Black-and-white two-color. Use this as the standard for testing.

Production method: Color Picker, HSB mode (hue ring), s=100 b=100 h=0°,30°,60°,90°,120° ... 330° Use this figure as a comparison standard. According to the principle of the Hue ring, which s=100 b=100 h=0 is the RGB mode of the R channel, and so on, each 30 ° to obtain a solid color. At the same time, the observation that each 60 ° is a channel combination method, respectively:

RRGGGBBRB, and, they are each 180 ° for a complementary color, that is, red to green, yellow to blue, green to magenta. PS is also based on the principle of Hue ring color function development, such as color balance, hue saturation, optional color, channel mixer and so on.

Figure I: Simple 12 pure color and black white mark

The following (Fig. II) is the pattern used for testing.

Production method: Color Picker, HSB mode (hue ring), s=100 b=85 h=0°,30°,60°,90°,120° ... 330° Attention, here b=85, the lightness drop.

Figure II

Start the test. In PS, copy the figure two to a layer, and set to filter, transparency 100%, and then copy a layer, and then set to filter, transparency 100%, in this operation 8 times, and observe.

The configuration diagram and Effect diagram are as follows:

Configuration diagram

Effect chart

In contrast to (figure I), we found that in this way (Fig. II) after a number of filter processing, the color is purified and illuminated, and eventually it will be the result of the RRGGGBBRB channel, and, black unchanged, gray is purified to white, at the same time, it is clear that all the colors located in the r/g/b between the three channels, Will eventually be biased towards RG/GB/RB three colors.

To do such a test, the purpose is to continue to facilitate the introduction of a single graph multi-layer overlay color filtering method.

Method One: whole picture filter color mixes.

Copy one layer and set it to filter color. Brighten the photo. If you need to do a curve adjustment, get the tone, according to their preferences to pull the curve can be. The manuscript is as follows:

The configuration diagram is as follows:

Effect figure A is as follows:

The configuration diagram is as follows:

Effect Diagram B:

From this, we can know that the color filtering function has the function of refining the color of the photo. Therefore, in the shooting, if you want to obtain a certain artistic effect, in the case of special lighting you can boldly try to use the method of exposure.

Supplementary notes two points are:

First, the whole map filter color will often make the high light department over exposure. At this time, with method one, you can adjust the transparency to solve, according to some information, filter color similar to the camera's exposure compensation, then we can assume that it is the latter of the exposure compensation, according to the camera configuration, 1/3 file is about 30% of the transparency, 1/2 files equivalent to 50% transparency.

Second, if your picture needs to be processed, then color filter this link, it is best to reduce noise to come to the operation, color filter after the noise, so that the effect of noise reduction will be much better, this is my personal experience to talk about.

By means of principle test and method one, we can find that the color of the image will lighten and be purified after the color filter. Too much color is a lot of times not what we need, this time you need to reduce the lightness and saturation of the color, and sometimes, the color saturation is lowered, the color needs to be deepened; and sometimes black is removed too much and we need to add back some black; We can use the fill color method to adjust. Fill color can be many, can be yellow, blue, red, green and so on, here is the introduction of the fill gray, that is, neutral gray layer.

Method Two: The combination of the filter layer and the middle ash layer

The manuscript is as follows:

Configuration diagram A is as follows:

Effect diagram A, filter color brightening, gray layer color blending mode to achieve fading:

Configuration Diagram B is as follows:

Effect Diagram B, the filter layer highlights, the gray layer to deepen the color:

Configuration Diagram C is as follows:

Effect Figure C, the filter layer is illuminated, the gray layer is multiply:

Configuration Diagram D is as follows:

Effect Diagram D, the filter layer is illuminated, the gray layer is positive and the gray layer color mode is used in conjunction with:

The example here uses a neutral gray as the fill color, can you use a different color? Sure it is, you can try it yourself. Two ends of the method.

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