The application of PURE-FTPD in Enterprise network

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The PURE-FTPD is a free (BSD), secure, high-quality and compliant FTP server. Focus on operational efficiency and ease of use. It provides a simple answer, he meets the popular needs, including ordinary users and host suppliers. PURE-FTPD has been fully supported, it is always in the concept of security design, its code is always as a loophole to discuss and review. This service can be adapted to strict security needs to do separation of permissions. The chroot () emulation and virtual account 100% are run correctly even without the need for root permissions. Avoid passwords being transmitted as plaintext: PURE-FTPD's OpenSSL library supports optional SSL/TLS encryption layer usage.

Although the author succeeded, but there are many questions, hope high expert advice

Help: The author of this case is very silent, the author in accordance with the original construction method, the use of web-style to create virtual users, test host command line (FTP has been unable to log in,

Prompt for authentication failed, virtual users created using the following commands can log in, but there are no virtual user records in the MySQL database:

[Root@lyt bin]# pure-pw useradd userx-u virtualftp-g virtualftp-d/ftproot/userx–m

[Root@lyt bin]# PURE-PW mkdb/usr/local/pureftpd/pureftpd.pdb

The second time the author has not carried out the eighth step, namely "eight: local user to the virtual user mapping:". Virtual users created using the Web can be on the test host's command line (FTP and logged in the MySQL database.

Case: Build lamp environment on Linux, manage pure-ftpd users through web

The source code used are:




[Root@lyt ~]# Mkdir/mnt/cdrom

[Root@lyt ~]# mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom/

[Root@lyt ~]# cd/mnt/cdrom/server/

[Root@lyt server]# Vim/etc/yum.repos.d/rhel-debuginfo.repo

One: to build the lamp environment:

[Root@lyt server]# yum install httpd php php-mysql mysql mysql-server mysql-devel-y #搭建lamp环境所需要的软件包

[Root@lyt server]# service httpd start

[Root@lyt server]# chkconfig httpd on #设置开机自动启动

[Root@lyt server]# Service mysqld start

[Root@lyt server]# chkconfig mysqld on #设置开机自动启动

[Root@lyt server]# mysqladmin-u root-p password "123" #为mysql设置root账户的登录密码为123

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