The application of WPS form to solve the problem of students ' checking and classification

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First, input the basic information and use the function to calculate the required data

1, run the WPS form a new blank work thin, enter the student's name, grades and other basic information, set the text and table format (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2, respectively in the following cell input related formulas, complete the calculation of the relevant data:





=sum (C3:I3)

Calculate the total score of each section of the health.


=average (C3:I3)

Calculate the average score of the students ' families.


=if (RANK (k3,k$3:k$62,0) <16,rank (k3,k$3:k$62,0), "")

get the average grade of the class, if it belongs to the former Name, the rank is displayed.



Get the row headers.


= C 2


{=average (IF (RANK (c$3:c$55,c$3:c$55) <=10,c$3:c$55))}

The array formula is entered in the cell, and the input method is: After entering the contents of the curly braces, press < Ctrl+shift+enter > Combination You can use this formula to calculate the Top 10 Subjects of the Average achievements.


=average (C3:C55)

Calculates the average score for the account.

3, drag the mouse to select J3:l3 cell, double-click the cell area to the lower right corner of the fill handle (that is, the small black box), using the WPS table Quick Input method to complete the calculation of the relevant data.

4, drag the mouse to select C64:c66 cell, move the mouse pointer over the fill handle in the lower-right corner of the range of cells, press left to drag right to K66 cell, and still use the quick input method of the WPS table to complete the input of the relevant formula (Figure 2).

Figure 2

5. Insert 1 blank lines above the first Student information and enter information for a virtual student (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Second, use the record form to realize the data inquiry

1, click A2 Cell, click the "Record" command under the Data menu (Figure 4), and in the pop-up "Sheet1" dialog box, you can see information about the first student (virtual student) in the datasheet (Figure 5).

Figure 4

Figure 5

2, click the box to the right of the "condition" button, enter the corresponding student's status number or name information after knocking enter, you can see the corresponding results of the students information (Figure 6).

Figure 6

3, in order to respect the privacy of other students, we need to hide the score table: Close the dialog box, move the mouse over the row header on the left side of the worksheet, drag the mouse to select the 第3-63 row, right-click on the line heading, click the Hide command in the pop-up menu (Figure 7), and hide the score sheet.

Figure 7

4, position the cursor again in A2 cell, click the "Record Order" command under the Data menu, click the "Condition" button in the pop-up "Sheet1" dialog box, repeat the action just now, you can complete the query of any student's result (Figure 8).

Figure 8

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