The best 10-door programming language recommended for aspiring developers

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Programming is at the heart of technological innovation, and today's programming languages are capable of allowing developers to no longer bind their potential to build future technologies.

If you're a forward-looking developer or want to be a forward-looking developer, it's time to start learning programming , at least one of the best programming languages , like Python, Swift, JavaScript, C #, C, Ruby, PHP, Haskell, Java, C + + or Rust.

In this article, we will cover the functional, easy-to-learn, current needs/use, and expected future requirements of the top 10 programming languages. More demand means more value.

Many languages, like C, Java, Python and JavaScript, have been dominating their respective fields for decades. On the other hand, you'll also want to see recent popular language requirements like Swift, Google Go and Rust.

What kind of programming language do you learn?

It can be seen in many ways, and the answer depends on what you do with it after learning. Many people choose the standard only to "learn a language the greatest need is to find a high-income job." But not everyone applies this standard, and there are many other aspects to consider.

For example, the language of Python is used in universities to teach students programming, primarily because Python is powerful and students can easily master programming concepts . It's a good choice for beginners to use Python as a programmer.

Learning Swift, C #, Java, and JavaScript is a good choice for people who want to develop mobile programs. For web development, using PHP, Java, Python, and Ruby on Rails is the first choice, supported by front-end technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

If you want to accomplish more specific tasks like accessing a relational database, you can learn the SQL programming language. Instead of developing an application, the SQL language is used to support connections between applications and databases. What's more, many data-driven applications are using SQL extensively, and the need for SQL now goes beyond the need for many worksheets.

If you are interested in hardware programming and want to develop embedded systems, operating systems, communication devices, or complex game engines, the language you choose is C/C + +.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular programming languages today, along with their capabilities, learning curve, application area, current needs, and direction of development-

1. javascript– Multi-purpose programming language

Today, there is still a huge demand for JavaScript, and the recruiting site is filled with information about JavaScript and its related technologies. JavaScript is designed by Brendan Eich and runs in the Netscape browser. At that time, he might not have dreamed that JavaScript would develop so unusually.

JavaScript is the default language for WWW, and almost every web browser supports JavaScript, which has become the world standard for Web front-end development . With the development of node. JS, the application of JavaScript extends to server-side development and now competes with Java,. Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and other server-side technologies.

In addition to being used for front-end and server-side development, JavaScript is rapidly evolving into a choice for mobile application development. Developers can use a number of popular JavaScript frameworks to build hybrid mobile applications such as ionic, Kendo UI, and Sencha touch.

Later, with the rise of the React native framework (presented by Facebook), JavaScript appeared in the field of native app development for Android and iOS.

JavaScript is everywhere! However, JavaScript itself does not allow you to have the most paid development work, you also need to learn JavaScript-based technologies, frameworks, and libraries (such as node. js, React, React Native, Ionic, JQuery, D3.js, and Kendo UI, etc.). The choice of technology depends entirely on the work you are doing.

When it comes to learning JavaScript, it's a dynamic programming language and it's easy to get started. Once you're familiar with the basics of JavaScript, you can easily learn about techniques such as jQuery,node. js, angular, or React.

To learn more about JavaScript, please click on the link below-

    • JavaScript Basics

    • JavaScript Frameworks

2. Python-the best programming language

Python is another programming language that is currently being used by developers around the world for rapid application development. Python is a modular, easy-to-learn, object-oriented, and high-level language that focuses on readability.

Python is widely used in the fields of education, web and Internet development, scientific and numerical computing, and the development of big data and machine learning algorithms.

The depth and breadth of Python makes it the language of choice for education and research, and students around the world are using python to learn to program and build research projects. Today, many students of computer programming use Python as their first language to learn .

Python has been widely used for web and Internet development, and has many popular frameworks, such as Django, Pyramid, flask, and bottle. Django CMS and Plone are two widely used Python-based content management systems that are used by many popular web sites and Web applications.

Recently, the need for big data analytics and machine learning algorithms has grown rapidly, as is the demand for Python. Many open source libraries written in Python can implement some of the core machine learning algorithms that are widely used in data science. R is another language widely used in the field of statistics and data science, but the learning curve is rather steep.

Some popular Python libraries include scipy for math, engineering, and science, "Pandas" for library modeling and data analysis, and other useful libraries such as Ipython, Kivy, PYQT, and Pyside.

To learn more about Python, please click on the link below-

    • Python Programming Language

    • Python Tutorial List

3. Java-a popular programming language

Java is a popular programming language, it is also a language to keep young, for many years has been the favorite of various recruitment sectors. Java was released by Sun Microsystems in 1990 and later acquired by Oracle, where the philosophy of Java was written once and run everywhere.

Java is widely used in web development, enterprise software development, and Android app development. With the growing demand for mobile apps running on the Android platform, the application to Java has also reached a new level, which is why the global demand for Java is still the first.

Java is an advanced object-oriented programming language, and it is easier to learn than C + +, but the performance of the program is worse than C or C + +. As a result, Java is generally used to build core engines, operating systems, or embedded system development.

To learn more about Java, visit the official website-java Software | Oracle.

4. SQL-Structured Query Language

sql– Structured Query Language is a language that can be understood by a database. SQL was developed by IBM engineers in 1970 to create, update, and retrieve data from the database management system "system R". Since then, SQL has traveled a long way, and today it is still the most needed skill in the market.

In recent years, the need to work with non-SQL databases to handle big data casts a shadow over SQL, but not for long durations. Soon people will realize that the big data analysis method provided by SQL is better, it is a more extensible, verifiable and time-tested technology.

The SQL language is used to assist in the development of data-driven Web sites, Web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications. SQL has applications in any application area. From a learning point of view,SQL is easier to master , and because of the high market demand, you can only get the first job through SQL.

However, to find a well-paid job, you also need to have a variety of databases designed, managed, and maintained, such as

Experience with Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server.

More about SQL content accessible-learn SQL or SQL Wikipedia.

5. C #-The first Microsoft technology

C # is one of the most common languages , making programming as simple as the Java language. C # is a type-safe, object-oriented programming language that runs on. NET Framework in a run-time environment. C # code is compiled into the Il Language (intermediate language) that conforms to the CLI specification.

The C # language is rapidly becoming the first choice for building the various applications of the Microsoft family, which you can use to build client-server applications, database applications, Web services, mobile applications, games, and more.

C # also has a good application in game development (advanced but not hard core), and the top game engine Unity 3D puts C # as one of the supported languages, except in addition to the JavaScript language. C # is also the encoding language used by many cross-platform application building tools, such as Xamarin. You can build cross-platform mobile apps using the Xamarin product suite.

For hard core terminal game development, you can still use C or C + +, although assembly language is the preferred Game engine development tool. The rust language can also be applied in this area.

To read more about C # content, you can access –introduction to C #.

6. C + +

Some say C + + is old, but they agree that C + + is still Jin GUI. When it comes to programming hard core systems that focus more on performance, C/s + + is still the preferred programming language . C is closer to hardware than C + + and provides better performance.

Many developers turn to Java because Java is easier to develop than C + + (&C), and in many cases performance can be offset by more investment in the hardware part. But not always, like for embedded systems, you just need to manage the fewest hardware components.

Do C and C + + still belong to the Advanced programming language?

C + + has the best compilers, development environments, libraries, and core development components, as well as a huge ecosystem that cannot be replaced in the future.

The need for existing ecosystems and high-performance applications has always been a high demand for C + +, and a high salary level for C + + developers.

To learn more about C + +, please visit-standard C + +.

7. Swift

Swift is a relatively new language and is rapidly becoming popular. Swift is a development language that is fully used in Apple , such as iOS applications, OS x applications, watchOS applications, and tvOS applications. Swift introduces the benefits of C and objective-c and works well with the cocoa and cocoa touch frameworks.

Apple has a huge ecosystem of its own, and there is no doubt that Swift will be the language to lead its development in the coming years. If you want to get into the Apple ecosystem, Swift is the language to learn .

Swift is easy to learn and interesting to use because it introduces all the features of a strictly typed language (such as C, Java, C + +) and uses it and any scripting language (such as Ruby or Python) is as easy and fun as it is. You can try swift with Swift playgrounds, and you can see the results immediately without worrying about the program's compilation and operation.

Apple claims Swift is the first industrial-quality system programming language that provides scripting-like syntax that makes development absolutely effortless.

To learn more about Swift, you can visit the links below-

    • Swift Introduction

    • Swift Tutorial List

8. PHP

Many people think PHP is not the future of programming, but PHP's huge ecosystem makes it necessary for the world to support a large number of developers over the next few years. Top three content management Systems-wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla are built using PHP, and about 80% of the sites are now running on top of PHP. So, it's huge!

PHP is an easy-to-learn language that can be used as an introductory language for you to enter the programming world. PHP is a popular language in the job market and you can find lots of jobs that require PHP skills. PHP developers often have lower pay levels than Java, C + +, Python, or swift developers.

The PHP ecosystem includes the above-mentioned top content management systems (such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) and PHP frameworks (such as Laravel, Symfony, Yii, and fuelphp). These content management systems and frameworks enable developers to build Web sites and Web applications that can be put into use within a few days.

In recent years, with the advent of node. js, Django, and Ruby on Rails, PHP has cast a shadow, but PHP is improving, and newer versions are completely competitive with emerging languages and technologies.

The following link is about PHP, to learn more about PHP, please visit-

PHP official Website

PHP Frameworks

Best PHP IDE List

9. Ruby

Ruby is another open-source, object-oriented, universal programming language, a simple language that facilitates rapid application development. Ruby's most famous framework is the rails (Ruby on Rails), which is used primarily for web development.

It is useful for server-side development , and many companies use it, such as Bloomberg, Airbnb, Shopify, Hulu and Slideshare, etc., and are used in one or more projects.

is Ruby used to learn the best programming language?

Ruby is often used to compare the readability of Python, which provides the grammar of the English class, which makes Ruby a perfect candidate for learning as the first programming language.

Learn more Ruby to access the official website of the--ruby language

Ten. Rust language

Rust is a rising star and promises to become a new generation of hot technology. It quickly becomes the technology that hard core developers are obsessed with and develops at a very fast pace. The rust language is still evolving and a new language, so Rust's job market has not yet formed, and the depth and breadth of the spread is not enough.

The rust language was developed by Mozilla in 2010 and is a research project owned by Graydon Hoare. And now the developer community loves it and is responsible for its maintenance, and they are determined to push rust to a new level.

Rust is a low-level system programming language with the goal of providing high performance, security, and concurrency, which is a good alternative to the C + + language . In the past, C developers tried to use rust to write operating systems, databases, embedded programs, kernels, and various system programs.

Rust is a modern language that has the flexibility of high-level languages and the high performance of low-level languages such as C and the controllability of hardware.

To learn more about rust, you can visit the Rust language website

Here are some other popular programming languages that compete fiercely with the top-ranked languages.

Go programming language -Go is a relatively new language launched by Google, which is another excellent choice for Web server development, network development, and command-line programming.

R -when it comes to data analysis and statistical software development, you can choose the R language. With the rise of big data and machine learning, R continues to evolve and compete fiercely with Python and Matlab.

Perl -Perl is one of the oldest languages, but it is becoming more popular and showing signs of a great revival. DevOps is a new thing, and Perl is becoming a popular language for DevOps, so keep an eye on Perl, which may become the next important language like the Python language.

VisualBasic. Net -is an object-oriented programming language introduced by Microsoft for development. NET programs and specialized fields such as Web programs and XML Web services, this is a good choice.

Haskell -Haskell dominates the world of functional programming. Compared with object-oriented programming, functional programming has a completely different philosophical concept. Functional programming is widely used in distributed system development, and the key requirement of distributed system development is parallel execution and concurrency. Artificial intelligence and mathematical computing are another area of application of functional programming, as are the applications of Haskell.


We are in a stage where technology knocks on the door of the new world of automation, driven by machine learning, big data, the Internet of things and apps running on different devices. Apps include devices that run on your phone, desktops, watches, TVs, and apps that run in the background of your screen.

The technical field of work requires a growing number of programming skills, and if you look at the forecasts and surveys of industry analysts, (you will find) the demand for software developers will continue to increase for at least the next 10 years.

In order to integrate the ecosystem of program and app, and the trend of the Times of technological reform, you need to learn a programming language and program yourself.

None of these top-level programming languages have been designed to solve all technical problems, so there are a variety of options to achieve different areas of development. For example, JavaScript is most commonly used for front-end development, but the swift language is suitable for iOS apps development, though not the only option.

Whether you're a novice programmer or a deep-rooted programming experience, evaluating the most popular programming languages is a good idea, if necessary, for at least a year or two and make changes.

The best 10-door programming language recommended for aspiring developers

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