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Big rabbit is ill, two rabbits look, three rabbits buy medicine, four rabbits boil, five rabbits die, six rabbits carry, Seven rabbits dig holes, eight rabbits bury, the Nine rabbits sat down and cried. The ten rabbits asked him why he was crying? Nine rabbits said, five rabbits will not come back once!
This is a murder of rabbits.
1. First of all, rabbits are also class-minded. If a rabbit is ill and wants to cure it, it must at all costs or even sacrifice a rabbit for medicine.
2. The big rabbit was ill, but the five rabbits suddenly died. It was obviously caused by medicine.
3. "Buy medicine" is actually a black talk, because in fact only some simple herbs are needed, mainly for drug guidance. Therefore, this "buy medicine" refers to killing rabbits for drug guidance, three rabbits are a killer.
4. Why is it wutu? Because the doctor determines which Rabbit is suitable for medicine, and the second rabbit is the Doctor.
5. It can be launched. Two rabbits killed five rabbits with a knife. How can they solve this problem? It may be a love killer, because a mother rabbit.
6. Who is the mother rabbit? Think about the nature of women to cry, so Nine rabbits are mother rabbits, and nine rabbits know the truth, so they cry because they love five rabbits.
7. "Six rabbits", this is obviously a sentence. How can a rabbit be lifted? He is obviously being lifted because he is dead. The two rabbits were then dug and buried. That's right. He's carrying seven or eight rabbits!
8. Are six rabbits killed by seven or eight rabbits? No, he was killed by the killer three rabbits. The three rabbits didn't want to kill him. The five rabbits had a very good relationship with the six rabbits. At that time, they were together and joined hands to fight. So the three rabbits killed them together.
We will find that the relationship between the two rabbits is subtle. 1-2 The big rabbit is like the emperor, and the second rabbit is the villain who speaks with him. 3-4 The three rabbits are killer, and the four rabbits are both masochistic. The Four rabbits often give the emperor some aphrodisiac or something and make the Emperor ill, I personally tried rabbit medicine. 5-6 Good Friends: they often use poems together and do not fear evil forces. The five rabbits are very talented, the six rabbits are also talented, but they all belong to the literati. the martial arts of the two did not fight the three rabbits together. 7-8 is also a good friend, but it belongs to the wind type. In order to save your life, everything is willing to do. It is not bad in nature, but it is often pointed by the bad guys to do bad things. 9-10 when a woman cries, there must be a man who loves her, and her crying must be for the man she loves. Unfortunately, the rabbit who loves her and the rabbit she loves are not a rabbit. Obviously, ten rabbits secretly fall in love with nine rabbits and care about her. When she sees her crying, of course he will ask why.
9. The last analysis may be redundant. This is the case. During the fight between the three rabbits and five or six rabbits, the two rabbits were caught. After five or six of the three rabbits were killed, the three rabbits were no longer powerful. Besides, they were very obedient and won't be told. So the three rabbits let go and let them carry the six rabbits. In, my life was saved, and everything happened. I had to handle it as soon as it could not be recovered.
Postscript 1: I read back 5th million pieces of love. I guess it is not just about the whole world. The second rabbit has a high weight. But even so, there is something he cannot get, that is, true love. This is why the five rabbits are killed. In addition, the five rabbits are upright. They should often confront them at ordinary times, so they can kill their hearts.
NOTE 2: in fact, the five rabbits were very miserable because they were so jealous of him that they didn't want to make him a normal man. Besides, the emperor has taken the medicine of a pharmacist, and he is unsexual. Everyone should know where the weakest Person is. What is the so-called supplement? In fact, the part of the five rabbits made of medicine should be ......

Supplement of Reasoning
(1) As a complete story, there must be a causal relationship. This story has a success (that is, killing love, and we will talk about it later), but it is incomplete because there is no cause, why is the big rabbit ill? Is the following cases of blood triggered when a disease occurs for no reason? Apparently not.
(2) From a strict logic point of view, the appearance of all characters (rabbits) in this story is related, in addition, there is a causal relationship (motivation) between every rabbit arranged by sequence, such as: big rabbit and second rabbit, second rabbit and third rabbit. three rabbits and four rabbits (I will not talk about them further), but do you think that the appearance of ten rabbits seems insignificant in this logic, that is to say, the story of "10 rabbits" can be easily completed, so the motive of "10 rabbits" in this logic is pale.
According to the above inference, we all ignored the focus of this story, that is, 10 rabbits. Why did he appear in this story? Is it just to get a sentence from 9 rabbits? Wrong, This is a premeditated murder, and 10 rabbits are the subject of this case (not 2 rabbits), and all the other rabbits are a pawn in his full plan, the incident process is roughly as follows (supplement the above ):
(1) 10 rabbits like 9 rabbits, 9 rabbits do not like him
(2) five rabbits and Nine rabbits love each other.
(3) 10 rabbit jealousy
(4) the rabbit is the most trusted person around the big rabbit and knows the relationship between other rabbits (that is,
He knows exactly what will happen next if the rabbit is ill)
(5) The rabbit is also in the middle of the power, 10 rabbits can not deal with him casually.
(6) So the ten rabbits make the big rabbits ill, and everything goes on like what we mentioned above ......
Therefore, the main thread throughout the story is the ten rabbits. He is the end of the story and the main cause of the story,
In this way, the logic looks seamless, and the name of the story is: killing with a knife!

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