The calculator of WINDOWS7 system detailed introduction

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Let's click "View" on the Windows7 system's calculator interface to see what we find.

Click on the scientific type, the appearance of the interface is our students commonly used scientific calculator

Continue to point to view, select the programmer, the following image of the interface is the programmer calculator interface, do you feel incredible? This can be a calculator.

We then click on "Statistics" to find another type of calculation, can do mathematical statistics.

The above 4 kinds of, make us work or study life may use, below see our daily life need to use of function.

Also click "View", select the unit conversion, this function, everyone's cell phone basically with, feel nothing special, do not worry, we slowly play under look.

Select date calculation to calculate the number of days between any two dates, click the two drop-down arrows to the right of from and to, select 2 dates according to your needs, and then click "Calculate" to see how many days there are in the two days. In the future to calculate the countdown time without the software or a day to count.

The following "Work table" in the "mortgage", "Car Rental", "fuel consumption" and other functions, in life are required to use Oh, is not very strong ah, and then encounter this calculation problem will not worry about it!

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