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1. Camera speed is slow

Failure phenomenon: The newly bought camera installed on the internet, feeling the speed is too slow, replaced the Internet dial-up location and ISP, the result is still very slow. Test the camera when not on the Internet and find that the image is slow to display.

Analysis and treatment: This phenomenon is due to the computer performance is too low and can be changed to a graphics accelerator card, if not, you have to upgrade the CPU and motherboard, and even new computers.

2. The camera cannot be shared with a digital camera

Symptom: The camera cannot be used as an input device with a digital camera.

Analysis and processing: Some cameras with this driver software, videofor windows (that is, Windows video) and direct show Device Driver (that is, directly display and set the driver), it for digital cameras, and the system's other devices (including camera) Make a common video input device together. So, just install a camera software.

3. Pre-display image of the light is not normal

Symptom: Camera video is too dim or too bright for some part of the image.

Analysis and treatment: should start with the use of the environment and intake of objects, such as removing the light source or increase the brightness of the object. Then adjust the brightness and contrast background.

4. The camera cannot be shared with other video input devices

Symptom: After installing the camera, the camera is installed again. So I don't know which equipment is working.

Analysis and Processing: When a variety of video intake devices are used, the computer uses the default device. However, it is not easy to set the default printer as the print device in Win 9 x, and there is no simpler way to determine the default device. So the best way to do this is to choose one of a series of steps. The specific way to make a video camera driver effective is to open the "control Panel → multimedia → video → device", open the "Video intake Device" list, double-click the name of the camera, open the dialog box, display the camera properties, and then follow the requirements to make the driver effective on the line.

5. No cameras found

Symptom: A computer does not detect a new installed USB interface camera.

Analysis and processing: first check the operating system, and then check the BIOS, USB interface and installation error. If the system being run is win 95 and it cannot support the USB interface, it must be updated to win 98. The USB device must be valid in the BIOS SETUP. If these methods are not valid, try connecting the USB camera to the second USB port. Of course, it may be the wrong driver or the wrong device, you can view the system device and install the driver again.

6. The speed of image display is slow

Failure phenomenon: The digital camera on the Internet when the accident found that the camera image display speed too slow.

Analysis and processing: This is because the website is slow or the ISP bandwidth is narrow reason, can try to change a website or use another ISP account to surf the net.

7. Color anomaly of video pre-display image

Failure phenomenon: A new camera video to display the color of the image is not normal, after a period of time but can return to normal.

Analysis and processing: For ordinary cameras, need to artificially white, but the camera can automatically adjust. Generally wait for 20-30 seconds, the system's Autowhite (automatic white) function will be automatically corrected or balanced.

8. Flower Screen

Symptom: When using the camera, the flower screen appears.

Analysis and processing: first check the driver installation and possible device conflicts. Check to see if the camera model matches the driver of the camera. Another video card can be tested because the camera may not be compatible with the video card or the display driver. It is also possible that the driver is not installed correctly, and if you cannot resolve the problem by upgrading the driver for the video card, you can only change the video card.

9. Black screen or white screen

Malfunction: When using the camera, when the image box pops up, a black screen or screen appears.

Analysis and processing: This is due to the improper examination of software settings, this problem may have to go through several attempts to refer to the software troubleshooting instructions.

10, failure phenomenon: a desktop on the normal use of the camera, in the connection to the notebook after the abnormal.

Analysis and processing: the camera and graphics card is most likely to conflict, with the problem, in addition to looking for the camera itself, but also to check the graphics card, try to reduce the speed of graphics cards. The method is: the right mouse button on the desktop, select "properties → settings → performance", the hardware accelerated from the third file gradually to the last gear to see if the problem can be solved. If you can, gradually upgrade the grade until you find the balance point that solves the problem.

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