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Article Description: In fact, no matter how "dynamic" your logo, but in the actual operation of the brand image, whether it is technically or conceptually, the same as to adhere to the basic principles of some brands, can not be changed purely to change, for moving and moving.

In recent years, the brand of signs in the situation is noteworthy is the "multiple-form" signs of the continuous emergence. The trend of the "multi-form" logo in branding-individuality is fresh and interesting, better to convey more information; a more positive trend-it appears that the brand is more dynamic. And now the growing brand, including national branding, personal branding. In addition, private brands are also increasing-some of the best brands in their name to provide additional products and services. Therefore, the logo design in the brand design also tends to the "many forms" sign to develop. In this environment, the symbol with the development of multimedia art, "multiple-form" signs gradually become a new trend of design signs, designers in the logo design began to boldly try to break through the symbol of the fixed shape, color and its visual structure in the static relationship between the other elements, The multiple morphological features produced by it are one of the important trends of modern logo design, which is of great significance and value to the future logo design.

To be clear, some people will call some of these signs "dynamic flags", but this is not exactly the same as we discussed in this article, because, what we call "multiple forms", more refers to the symbolic image of the manifestation and the traditional static symbol of a relative form, its manifestation is not fixed, flowing. Because it involves a little bit: not all the signs of "moving", is the type of flag we refer to in this article, in fact, the "dynamic" logo on many web pages have been, some on the Web page through a special effect on the color changes and to make the logo some movement to increase the visual interest, is not the scope of our discussion here. So I'm going to call it a "multiple-form sign" that might be more accurate. And we are talking about the logo, refers to the brand image through a number of visual symbols (or a series of symbols) to communicate and communicate some of the characteristics of the brand. Its manifestations include: signs in different angles and the application of the environment will appear in different forms.

In fact, no matter how "dynamic" your logo, but in the actual operation of the brand image, whether it is technically or conceptually, the same as to adhere to the basic principles of some brands, can not be changed purely to change, for moving and moving.

Here are some examples of the relevant dynamic logo designs that have emerged in recent years:

Nordkyn Visual Image Design--the place where the wind blows
The visual image is based primarily on two parts, their latest development: the "natural Rules" system, which obtains meteorological statistics from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The shape of the sign is affected by the change of meteorological statistics (wind direction and temperature). On the website, the logo is updated every five minutes. We have developed a logo update program that allows users to download the logo for accurate weather conditions at the current moment when they visit the Nordkyn website. Nordkyn is indeed a place to follow the laws of nature, and even covers the design of visual systems.

Yokohama International Imaging Arts Festival
The types of works displayed on the Yokohama International Photographic Arts Festival (International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009) include Media art, comics, CG, movies, photography and many other types of image works. In addition to the artists of the Japanese native vine streamers, Anotaro, Houai, Ji-Rijiang and other artists, artists such as Chinese artists? Nen joined in the exhibition. This project is designed by the SMBETSMB studio in Japan.

Mindshare Media brand Image
Media (Mindshare) is part of WPP group, and is also the world's leading media planning company. Currently affiliated to WPP Group is specialized in media Investment Management subset Group GroupM (group Yi). November 1997, the media by the JWT JWT and Ogilvy advertising two world-renowned advertising agencies of the media Purchasing department and Planning Department merged. The merged media can make full use of the company's commercial resources to help marketers get more returns from advertising investment.


India new TV channel life OK new brand image design appreciation
The form of a symbol uses the OK letter to form a multiple-form character element, different forms convey a vivid atmosphere, and a television station image is consistent, colorful elements at least in the brand propaganda to give people a gorgeous and full of energy, the elements of the arc also gives a person a "life" Rather than a rigid mechanical visual sense.

DC Comics (DC Comics)
The redesigned new logo uses a "page-flipping" idea, with the letter "D" rolled out of the logo to reveal the hidden "C". The logo is designed by Landor Associates, the world's largest corporate image recognition and strategy design consultancy, and executive vice president of the Marketing and Business Development Department of DC, John Rood, said: "Just a few months ago, we started ' the New 52 ' project, to redesign Superman, Batman, and many other superheroes, now it's time to redesign the logo of our company, but as the logo shows, the core of the DC--the ability to tell the story doesn't change, no matter how the outside changes. ”


Web chat Work Meebo's new logo and cartoon image
Meebo is an internet company founded in 2005, its main product is the web-based Chat tool Meebo,meebo includes almost all the current IM tools, visitors can communicate through the IM tools in the channel and the owner of the personal homepage at any time. Meboo logo behind the two "fingers" of the cartoon mascot, a call "Mee", a "Bo", and 2 of the little guys different expressions and scene performance also added a lot of fun for the logo.


British radio and television company More4 Channel
The logo, made up of a plurality of color triangles with a free transform combination, is the visual expression of the More4 (BBC's fourth channel) yearning for the idea of a gorgeous transition. Can vary with the program and change color, free flip changes and the extremely decorated triangular pattern is not only a new trial of television media, but also to cater to people's present life style, food culture, fashion taste of the aesthetic taste.

From some of the above examples, we should have some basic knowledge of the "Multi-form" logo:
No matter how changeable the signs are, there are countless forms of presentation, but in most cases, the audience contact with only one sign, that is, in the design of such a "multiple-form" logo under the premise of a basic logo, and then consider whether the basis of the logo can be extended to "multiple-form" logo. After all, a sign of the spread of graphic printing will be the majority. In this case, will the representation of a single sign be satisfactory? Above the logo case, the overall combination may make people feel very exciting, a lot of content, there are bright spots, but whether it is considered in the static, or in a single, individual logo to the audience's attractiveness in the end how much?

The above case and many of the current trends in the "Multi-form" logo, we can notice that many of the clients involved are multi-media-related, some of them are of art type (including architecture, exhibitions, museums, etc.), and whether we can consider such a form of "many forms" when we do the relevant logo? and is it that all the relevant signs need to be handled this way? In fact, it is not necessarily, as long as the brand can be clearly spread in place is a sign of success, whether or not the use of the form of "multiple forms." In fact, if these multiple morphological signs are not well grasped, it will only be a bunch of meaningless pattern elements.

There is the design of such a "multiple-form" logo, if its overall effect is more complex, it means that the need to invest a lot of energy and the strength of the various design areas in order to complete. In this case, is the customer willing to give you the design? This is an unexpected thing.

Finally, combined back to our company so many product signs, we can combine such a "multiple form" form to the company's individual product logo, even when the new product logo to consider such a "multiple forms", and then better show more content to it? This is also the design of the company after the product logo to think about a direction.

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