The cause of computer knowledge virus can't kill

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In many cases, even if we know that our computer is poisoned, we can't erase it. Especially for some new viruses, basically the firewall can not be used directly. If this is not done at this time, it can cause


Virus Sancho, a lot of viruses in your kind of poison, directly on your other disk also generated this its virus file, and so you delete it a hiding place, then it can go through another place, restore deleted files, and then you will find that has been deleted deleted feeling.


In many cases we know the name of the virus process, but we have no way to remove it because it has been tied to the system process of our computer. At this time to delete the virus, often the system must be deleted, this is also a lot of times, we delete the poison, the next time the computer will not be able to use the cause.


The virus changed the settings in our Registry Editor.

This is almost all the virus will do, but a bit of a virus, directly to your registry settings are very strange, so that when you delete the poison, it can regenerate. And some viruses like pop-up windows, even if you delete the poison. It's still going to play because your registry has been modified. Its purpose has been achieved. and anti-virus software will not be changed to restore the registry, which also led you to kill and did not kill the same.

The above is about the computer knowledge of the virus cannot kill the reason . This is also some of the virus that makes us more headache. And a few years ago basically a kind of poison how many anti-virus software die first, these few years small series did not encounter such a situation, basically the virus will be killed. Just some viruses do not know how to completely delete it.

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