The causes and countermeasures of the display ringing, chirping and long ringing

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First: The CRT high pressure cap aging, insulation strength is reduced,

Second: is the high-pressure cap around pay suction dust, resulting in leakage, the solution is to open the display shell, the dust around the high-pressure cap clean, and coated with high pressure cap insulation silicone grease, and finally replace the high-pressure cap can be, here to note that before cleaning, must give the imaging tube of high voltage anode discharge, to remove the high voltage stored above the electrostatic, Concrete method: Use a pen of a pencil (also can use the insulation strength of hard copper wire or lead line) with the outer wall of the image tube of the graphite layer, one end into the phenomenon tube above the high-pressure anode, so you can put off high voltage electrostatic, to prevent electric shock.

The third way: no insulating silicone grease.

The fourth way: The display resolution is not at the same time, such as 800*600 or 1024*768 conversion when some of the monitor will appear tweets.

The fifth kind of saying: The monitor refresh frequency may adjust not suitable, everybody can increase or reduce the refresh rate to look down.

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