The charm of the win key lies in Windows7 's "Universal Key"

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Want to see your Windows7 desktop quickly? Want to quickly switch your application? Want to see the multiple windows you open at the same time? Do you want to use the keyboard only to turn on your quick start? These functions in fact in the WINDOWS7 system can be done in the simplest way, let the small series to take a look at the Win Key "Charm!

First of all, let's look at what the win button has to do, in fact, the most fundamental role of this key is to open the Windows7 Start menu, on the keyboard is located in the middle of CTRL and ALT that small key. When you are doing some work, to cut back to the Windows7 desktop, if you open a lot of windows, one of the minimization is not very troublesome? In fact, in the Windows7 inside simple win key plus the space bar (win+ space) can make all the Windows minimized. When we open a lot of program windows, this trick is very useful, and Windows7 desktop will also appear gorgeous lighting effect Oh! Don't try.

Also has the legendary gorgeous 3D desktop display effect. Many people know that XP can use ALT + TAB to do a quick switch to open the program window, in the WINDOWS7 has been greatly enhanced. When you press Win+tab you will be surprised to find that the Windows7 desktop has become 3D and can browse through all the program windows at will. Also, just add the CTRL key next to it to fix the effect on your Windows7 desktop. How, did not find Windows7 desktop became so beautiful.

Have you tried holding win and then pressing the number? This allows you to quickly open a quick launch item that is pinned to the Windows7 taskbar. I believe that when you show this trick, are very surprised by the white side, it is cool! Do office workers often use projectors and computer screens? Now the Windows7 can solve the complicated operation, only need a little win+p key can quickly switch computer screen and projector. Does such a trick save you more time for your meeting?

There is also a win+x key, saying that this button is too powerful, this can open the Mobile Center Settings window. What's in it? In fact, there are many things, including the display of brightness control, volume control, Notebook power control, mobile phone synchronization control, external monitor control.

Speaking of here, do you have a new understanding of the win key? Personally think Windows7 inside the win key design is very powerful, like a omnipotent key, can be used to open a lot of unique functions, using Windows7 friend can slowly to understand the charm of this win key.

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