The choice between the independent shop and the Taobao shop

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Remember a boss said, personal webmaster the most permanent mode or e-commerce, and more and more websites will be like the so-called E-commerce site to close, we do not go to prove that these views are scientific and correct, from the current E-commerce model to see, or grafting to other E-commerce platform, such as Taobao, Pat, have Ah, ebay, and so on, there is a model is to set up their own business or business-to-business E-commerce site, then how do we make a choice between the two!

Recently found that a lot of webmasters are very interested in getting involved in this so-called e-commerce, but the tree is suffering from Taobao to make their choice of a lot of confusion, do not know that it is the establishment of their own independent sales site, or Taobao open a shop, because there is no personal experience or experience of these two models, So still stand in the independent shop and Taobao Crossroads wandering, heart-broken on the pros and cons of the two, just personal experience, hoping to help the novice, but does not represent completely correct, just according to their own and some friends of the experience to sum up.

Independent sites can have their own independent domain name of their own shop signs, online logo logo, but also can better display the business and personal shop business culture, your continuous efforts can also let you shop brand image has been effectively upgraded, so that your online shop can also be in a field to form a own brand. From the website itself, the online shop store database resources are entirely your own. Through the order, goods, customers and other data analysis can be more effective with your online shop marketing promotion. Independent websites are easier to optimize and get additional customers from search. From a long-term strategy, that is, you like your shop as a career long-term things to do, then set up an independent shop is no longer hesitate to do things, independent shop is also the first step to create a brand, Thus also for the future expansion of their business and pave the way for more than some of the restrictions on some trading platforms and better to build their own sales kingdom.

That being the case, but the independent web site is hard to get the trust of the customer before your brand has been formed in the first place. Because Taobao preconceived factors, has been in the eyes of most online buyers lay, to shopping first Taobao psychology, always thought that the independent website things can not let themselves believe that gullible, This is also an independent site to consider the main factors, will certainly give you a certain impact on sales, but these effects are not thin value and quality of goods under the premise of impact.

Taobao first to give people the feeling is convenient, do not need a domain name or even space, especially the novice can be very easy to have a separate shop, but your daily promotion in addition to the promotion of their own, to the end or pushed to Taobao, For the long-term development and customer loyalty on the far less than their own independent shop to the actual. But from the customer's initial point of view to consider, because Taobao this platform, Taobao shop than independent shop more easily determine customer purchase desire, that is, eliminate mistrust of psychology.

According to unscientific statistics (some friends of the data) the same goods at the same time in Taobao, and independent shop operation, Taobao's achievement is greater than the independent shop, because the flow is different, Taobao store with the help of Taobao ability of tens of millions of directional traffic to promote their own sales, Independent site most often rely on search, how to choose to see your business purposes, if you are for long-term development, it is recommended that you open an independent shop, if you have enough energy, both operating results will be better.

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