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Original name: JSP VS ASP part 2:the Future according to asp+
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Since I am also an ASP and JSP programmer, I am beginning to write a series of articles to compare the differences between the two.
When I wrote in half, Asp+ was announced, so I started to look at the problem again.
I'm working on a JSP project and an ASP project, which is interesting because it starts with ASP3.0,
But when the project is over I will convert to asp+. At that time I will be able to have a closer look at the asp+ and provide better
Comparison of asp+ and JSP. This article provides me with a preliminary look at asp+ and how it affects an average developer like me.

Through the most preliminary comparisons, I have found that:
1) Object oriented:
asp+ C # as an object-oriented language, in many ways, C # will be Microsoft's Java-like language.
Another interesting part of C # is that all objects automatically become COM objects. If C # has a large market share, it will bring Java-like functionality to the asp+, with faster performance because it can be tightly integrated with the Windows environment.
C # is one of the most important features of asp+ development, and Microsoft will develop C # as a strong competitor to Java. That's what they are. An important part of the NET Framework. I think C # is the main tool for Microsoft to beat its opponents in the programming market. I am looking forward to Microsoft being able to devote all of its energy behind this product, so that C # can be another option for many programmers. The result of C # is that it will further strengthen the front lines of Microsoft and Sun products. This is good for users, who can choose between the two to develop new applications.

2) Database connection:
Another bright spot for ASP is that it uses ADO objects, ODBC, Ole-db, and transaction manager. So ASP Web database application development is very simple. Asp+ has developed more functions because of the ado+! Ado+ brings more powerful and faster functionality. JSP and JDBC are now a bit behind the asp/ado compared to the ease of use and performance, and the difference will be more pronounced when the new version asp+/ado+ occurs. I personally hope that Sun should be able to take great pains to catch up with asp+/ado+.

3 Large Site Application:
Asp+ will have better support for large sites (Web farms). In fact, Microsoft has made great efforts in this regard. Asp+ allows you to consider the situation of multiple servers (multiple servers), when you need more powerful functionality, just add a single server. Whole. NET Framework has fully provided this approach. Asp+ provides external session states (external sessions State) to provide support for built-in Web farm. In addition, because the requested components are fully optimized between each other, they are fast.
So asp+ can now have the same capabilities as JSP in large projects. Asp+ also has a price advantage, since all components will be part of the server's operating system. For JSP, you need to buy expensive application server groups to achieve the same goal.

4) asp+ also offers additional new features, such as:
* Built-in object caching and page result caching.
* Built-in XML support, which can be used for simple processing of XML datasets.
* Server control provides more full interactive control.
Asp+ did make a big development for ASP.

After examining asp+, my preliminary conclusion is that my future projects will mainly use java/jsp based technology. This has the following three reasons:
1 to really play asp+ potential, you want to use C # or Both languages will become the core scripting language of the asp+ standard. This is good for the future development of ASP. I never liked to make COM objects with the current Visual Basic. The new asp+ core scripting language is more capable of asp+ value.
It is clear that the new developments in all these asp+ have led me to make a decision on the future of language choices, which will occupy my countless time and effort in the future.
I learned Java when Java developed, and I had a hunch that it would be the language around my future programming career. As a result, JSP became my first choice in web development. When my current ASP project is complete, I will reconsider whether C # conforms to my programming tool system.
Now that I'm a JSP fan, unless Microsoft can turn me around, I guess I'm facing the big challenge of asp+.

2 asp+ is still completely locked in Microsoft's operating system. JSP has a larger scope than asp+, and it also has a good scalability in other server configurations. While the advantages of Windows 2000 are increasingly revealing, this does not pose a problem for developers.

3 I am not sure whether I can agree with the various aspects of asp+ structure, which requires more in-depth analysis, so I hesitate. If I use it for 1-2 months, I may change my view. In general, this requires a very high level of view of the beta product.
As an ASP developer, asp+ me to stop and reflect. The next 8 months of ASP new projects will become very difficult. Why? Because asp+ and C # pose a challenge, they will not be officially available until 2001. And a lot of performance requirements need to be identified now. Since asp+ is just a beta software, my first choice is very simple now. Now the project is using ASP3.0. I don't think the language of the various beta editions is believable.

But I can not ignore asp+, because it will soon be launched, and represents the future of the ASP. The manager of an ASP project also needs to take into account the future smoothness of portability and the cost of time to pay. Another result is that it has become more reliable in the near future using PHP and JSP instead of ASP.
1 If you use asp+, you will spend extra time learning some new tools.
2 new tools need to be versioned, so why not focus on what's present?
3) asp+ will have the feature JSP already owned.
4 asp+ lock you into a pure Microsoft system. (I read a story about Microsoft porting. NET to
Linux story, but I don't think it's believable. )
Finally, I predict a lot of people will join the PHP and JSP ranks. However, there will still be some people who will be
asp+ to the industry caused by the excitement of infection. (I never saw a beta programming product that would be so shocking.) )

The following is a related article about. Net.

Asp+ started with free software and is now becoming one of the cornerstones of Microsoft's. NET Framework.
Sun should learn from it. The special note is that you need a license to upgrade to asp+ because it integrates with too many products. NET Framework is too large. I usually wait for its first service pack before assuming that a product can be a real product. So even though asp+ has been versioned in the first quarter of 2001, I still have to wait until the second quarter of 2001.
Of course, because asp+ has been so exciting, once launched, many stores will immediately provide asp+.
Actually, I've already used the beta version of asp+!. It uses the. aspx suffix, which makes me feel that Microsoft will launch the first asp+ service pack in the near future.

Next year we're going to see how sun and Microsoft are going to duel in this huge market, and what choice does the programmer's door make?

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