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Applicable type refers to the type of computer host to which the chassis product can be applied, and is generally divided into desktops and server/workstation enclosures. The most basic function of the

Desktop chassis is the most common chassis, which is to install a variety of accessories from a computer host. In addition, also requires a good electromagnetic compatibility, can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation, protect the user's physical and mental health; extended performance is good, there are a sufficient number of drive expansion positions and card expansion slots to meet the needs of future upgrades; ventilation and cooling design is reasonable, can meet the computer host many parts of the heat demand. In terms of ease of use, there are a sufficient number of front-end interfaces, such as a front USB interface, a front IEEE1394 interface, a front audio interface, a reader interface, and so on. And now many chassis on the drive, boards and other accessories and chassis of its own fastening are designed to facilitate the user-free disassembly; some chassis also external CPU, motherboard and system, and so on the temperature display function, so that users of the computer's operation and cooling at a glance. In appearance, the chassis is also more and more beautiful and novel, colorful, to meet people in the aesthetic and personalized needs, today's computer chassis is not only a load of various parts of the iron box, but also a decorative decoration of the home

Server/workstation chassis

compared to the desktop chassis , the server/workstation chassis has many differences from the desktop chassis in addition to the basic requirements for the desktop chassis mentioned above, as well as the nature and usefulness of the server/workstation. Specifically, the following aspects are:

(1) security is good

security is physical security. Usually the front panel of the server/workstation chassis is a folding, movable form, and the power switch is designed to be inside the panel with the optical drive and hard drive. This can prevent human error operation and cause server downtime and restart, or in the installation, removal of hard disk or optical drive failure.

(2) The material has good heat dissipation

in order to ensure stable server work, under normal circumstances, the server/workstation work environment requires dry, cool. In order to achieve this requirement, the server/Workstation chassis selection is not sloppy. Ordinary desktop chassis is generally a steel plate, and the server/workstation chassis used in general there are two kinds of materials-aluminum and aluminum alloy. Also use steel plate, magnesium alloy as the material of the chassis.

(3) reserve fan bit more

because the heat from the server/workstation is usually large, the air becomes hot quickly. The ability to discharge these hot air efficiently as soon as possible is a prerequisite for stable server work. The normal desktop chassis has only 2-3 cooling fan vents inside the front bezel of the chassis and the back bezel. and the server/workstation chassis needs more exhaust vents, and each exhaust outlet for the system of different heating sourceCooling.

(4) The ventilation system is good

in order to achieve thermal effect, the server/workstation chassis in addition to installing more than one fan, the chassis of the cooling system is also unusual. Typically, there are two fan bits on the back of the server/workstation chassis, which allow users to install two fans. Of course, these two fans are not all hair, but a blow?? To form a good cooling system?? Quickly pull out the hot air in the chassis to reduce the temperature inside the chassis.

(5) has redundancy

in order to ensure uninterrupted server/workstation work, redundancy technology is used in most parts of the chassis, of course, the fan is no exception. To ensure that a good thermal system inside the chassis is not damaged by one or several fans, many of the server/workstation enclosures now use a redundant fan that is automatically switched. When the system is working properly, the main fan works, the standby fan does not work, and the standby fan is automatically started when the main fan fails or the speed is below the specified speed. The standby fan is usually in a stop state, from the guarantee that the work fan to replace the service immediately, does not cause the system fan damage to the system internal temperature rise to create work instability or downtime phenomenon.

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