The combination of mygui and ogre has several minor issues.

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1. If you port the demo of mygui directly, it is easy to neglect a problem,

Resources in the demo framework are read through an XML file,

If you are used to the ogre framework, remember to mention the Resource Directory in its XML to the cfg

2. The input processing of mygui is strange,

Adding OIS is a strange addition,

Simply follow the win32inputmanager method of mygui,

If they coexist with ois, the poor winproc won't be able to beat the exclusive Ois,

Remember to set the OIS to a non-exclusive mode:

Ois: paramlist pl;
Size_t %whnd = 0;
STD: ostringstream into whndstr;
Win-> getcustomattribute ("window", & windowhnd );
When whndstr <then whnd;
Pl. insert (STD: make_pair (STD: string ("window"), Fig. STR ()));
Pl. insert (STD: make_pair (STD: string ("w32_mouse"), STD: string ("discl_foreground ")));
Pl. insert (STD: make_pair (STD: string ("w32_mouse"), STD: string ("discl_nonexclusive ")));
Minputmanager = ois: inputmanager: createinputsystem (PL );

There are still many problems,

The delegate transmission mechanism has not been clarified yet,

This post is to be continued...

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