The compiling method of Libquic

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From the GitHub, clone the latest version of the Libquic, placed under the specified folder directory, such as/root/webstream/quic/libquic-master under.

# cd/root/webstream/quic/libquic-master #
mkdir build/#
CD build/
# CMake.
# Make-j 4

The LIBQUIC.A can be generated in the/root/webstream/quic/libquic-master/build directory.

In the process of performing cmake, protobuf and go environments are required. Accompanying instructions

Installation method of Protobuf Download source code, extract to/root/webstream/quic/protobuf-3.4.1 directory

# cd/root/webstream/quic/protobuf-3.4.1 #
/ #
/configure--prefix=/root/webstream/quic/ Protobuf
# make
# make check
# make install
# Ldconfig

In the process of autogen, we need curl and Libtool, download the installation directly with Apt-get

Apt-get Install Curl
apt-get install autoconf apt-get install libtool apt-get install Libsysfs-dev

So in/root/webstream/quic/protobuf, complete protobuf compilation, need to configure the environment path.


export ld_library_path= $LD _library_path:/usr/local/protobuf/lib
export library_path=$ Library_path:/usr/local/protobuf/lib
export path= $PATH:/usr/local/protobuf/bin

: Wq
#source/etc/ Profle

Test the installation of PROTOBUF


Add a word, Google's Open source tools, serialization is basically protobuf to do, and can continue to use, can be well saved.


Go installation method

Apt-get Install Software-properties-common
apt-get install python-software-properties
apt-get Update
apt-get install golang-go Git-core Mercurial
Here you can temporarily not configure Gopath.

Protobuf and go configuration complete, can cmake Libquic.

The build directory is below/root/webstream/quic/libquic-master/build. In the Build/boringssl directory, there are LIBSSL.A, libcrypto.a.

For further use, you can refer to

Quic toy client and server Goquic C + + code

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