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One: The boot press del key, enter the BIOS setup, select the first "Basic settings", the floopy a set of no "Disabel" invalid on it.

Two: Just start to press the Del into the BIOS, press ENTER to enter the first item, see inside the "Drive A" item is not "None", not the words "PgUp" or "PgDn" to modify, after the modified press "ESC" exit, select "Save & Exit Setup" Items press ENTER to exit the BIOS, reboot, no longer can not be changed the battery and then press the steps above to reset both.

Three: The boot needs to press the F1 key to enter, mainly because the BIOS settings and real hardware data does not match, can be divided into the following situations:

1, actually do not have a floppy drive or floppy drive is broken, and the BIOS is set up with a floppy drive, which causes to press F1 to continue.

2, the original hung two hard disk, in the BIOS set into a dual hard drive, and then took off one of the time but forgot to change the BIOS settings, it will also appear this problem.

3, the motherboard battery does not have electricity also can cause the data to lose thereby to appear this fault.

4, reboot the system, into the BIOS setup, found that the floppy drive is set to 1.44M, but in fact there is no floppy drive in the chassis, this is set to none, troubleshooting.

A lot of people have asked this question, the following will I have encountered such issues to do a summary, I hope to help.

1. Hareware Monitor found a error,enter power MANAGEMENT setup for details,press F1 to Continue,del to enter SETUP

Chinese: monitoring function found error, enter the power MANAGEMENT Setup to see the details, press F1 key to continue the boot process, press del key to enter COMs settings.

Explanation: Some motherboards have the hardware monitoring function, you can set the motherboard and CPU temperature monitoring, voltage regulator voltage output and monitor the speed of each fan, when the monitoring function in the boot found abnormal conditions, then the above paragraph will appear, then you can enter the COMs settings select Power MANAGEMENT SETUP, on the right side of the **fanmonitor**, **thermal monitor** and **voltage to see which part of the issue of the exception, and then resolved.

2, pri slave drive-atapi lncompatible Press F1 to Resume may be your optical drive is not connected or faulty, preferably in the CMOS IDE port set to Automatic.

3, press F1 to the Continue,del to enter SETUP after the boot press DEL into the BIOS, select the floppy drive in the Select NONE after the F10 save on it.

4, CMOS checksum error-defaults Loaded press F1 to Contnue? DEL to enter the SETUP 08/09/2000-i810-ite8712-6a69me1cc-00.

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