The computer does not detect a removable hard drive solution

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the computer does not detect a removable hard drive solution

The computer does not detect a removable hard drive solution one:

First, the computer USB interface is not enough voltage, resulting in mobile hard disk can recognize, but can not display the file, it is recommended that the mobile hard disk into the computer host on the back of the USB interface can;

Second, the mobile hard drive USB line contact is bad, the solution is to change a new USB cable can;

Third, the Mobile hard disk box problem, because the mobile hard disk box motherboard problem, resulting in mobile hard disk files can not read out, suggest a new corresponding model of the mobile hard disk box can be;

Four, moving the virus in the hard drive, causing the system to automatically hide the files, the solution is to first move the hard drive to check the virus, then click on the mobile hard drive, select the "Tools-Folder Options----View----Advanced Settings"----the "Hide protected operating system files" before the check out, select " Show all files and folders ".

Do not suggest that you do, because you do not put the essence of the matter out, can not find your mobile hard drive a lot of reasons, if one by one cases of unrealistic, I will simply say one or two kinds of situations should be how to solve it. If you can't solve it, you can only find a more professional person to help you get it.

Unable to find a removable hard drive generally, your system does not recognize your mobile hard drive or the volume of your removable hard drive lost in your system. The solution is to find the Computer Management in your management tool with Disk Management. It would be nice to add a roll in. The second is poisoning. The solution is: Antivirus.

The computer does not detect a removable hard drive solution two:

Generally speaking, mobile hard disk normal access to the computer, in My Computer or computer disk Management can see the new hard disk symbol, the simplest direct access to my computer can see the new mobile hard disk symbol, the beginning did not see can wait for a refresh of my computer to see, can also be viewed in my Computer Management.

① when encountering a mobile hard drive does not show that we first check that the data cable of the mobile hard drive is connected to the computer with the removable hard drive no, sometimes because it is not plugged in, causing the computer can not identify the situation of mobile hard disk is also more, in addition, when the mobile hard disk USB connection is good, we look at the host USB reception is not good, change the interface to try , the front is not good, change back to try again.

② when the computer host USB interface is available, and the data cable and hardware are firmly connected, the mobile hard disk still cannot show we can try to unplug the host US interface, a little wait to insert again to try, the author encountered many this situation, began to access computer prompts due to equipment access, But in my computer can not see the mobile hard drive letter, repeated Plug and pull a few results have.

③ first to get another computer to try, if normal, is your system, if not normal, is your hard drive or hard disk USB cable problem. First find a good USB cable to try it, or not is the hard drive thing, send repair it, the general hard drive we will not repair.

If it's your own system, you look at it from the Device Manager, move the hard disk before the exception icon, such as the question mark exclamation point, and so on, there will be added new hardware, to find again, and check the computer service is prohibited by the relevant services, it is impossible and do not know where the problem of friends can restore the system to normal ( Such as: A key to restore or reinstall the system, and then take the test, the general problem can be solved. There are still problems ... The last time to see the BIOS set up or restore the BIOS directly to the factory settings, not yet, check your motherboard.

The computer's USB interface itself is not a high-speed interface, while the mobile hard disk is a high-speed hard drive, so even if the power is normal can not show the mobile hard disk area, the computer's USB interface, the general computer will have several USB interface, if the effect is not good, as far as possible using the rear USB It is best to receive a USB interface that matches the removable hard disk.

As a result of the mobile hard drive on the demand for power, if the computer's USB interface power supply, mobile hard drive will be the same light, there will be speed, but due to lack of electricity, can not operate normally, of course, will not display on the computer mobile hard disk letter.

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