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Sometimes, we need to keep some big-head software or data packets in a cloud disk. However, the cloud disk upload data have a single file size limit, take Baidu Cloud, ordinary members upload a single file size limit of 4GB. In the case of not registering fee members, the use of the production of a share of BT seeds and network offline BT download combined, can break through this limit, will be more than 4GB of large files to their own Baidu cloud disk.

1. Make a seed share visit

Prepare a single large file first, or you can package more than 4GB of data locally as a RAR or ISO image standby. Prepare a tool software that can produce and share BT seeds (such as the classic download software bittorrent, or the latest version of bit elf, bit comet, etc.).

You can start BitTorrent by selecting the Make Torrent command (or by using the shortcut key Shift+n) under the File menu (Figure 1).

In the pop-up production torrent seed interface, through the "Add File" to select the source of the original large file, and then select the right option "start" option, set up the relevant items, click the "Create" button to start creating large files of BT seeds, and automatically start sharing (Figure 2).

Small tips:

If the shared file is a popular video or software, etc., the server may already exist, then do not package or use folder upload, select the original version of a single file upload can enjoy the server "second pass" function. Otherwise, the file will be used as a new file, generate a new file fingerprint, upload at a normal speed, need more time to complete the sharing.

2. Offline download and deposit in cloud disk

Next, to use the Baidu cloud unique offline download function, the above generated BT seed for offline download.

Login to their own Baidu Cloud account, in the file management interface, click the "Offline Download" button, in the pop-up "Offline Download task List" window, click the "New BT Task" button (Figure 3).

Finally from the local selection of the above produced large file seed. torrent file, click the "Open" button, you can add the seed file to Baidu Cloud background, by Baidu Cloud responsible for downloading in the background (Figure 4). At this point, even if the computer Baidu Cloud is closed, it does not affect the offline download of the file.

Small tip:

Baidu Cloud will not fully implement offline downloads until the large files pointed to by the seed have not been fully shared. Therefore, you need to be patient to keep the BT Seed sharing tool open. For this example, do not turn off the BitTorrent software to ensure that the files that the seed points to are fully shared, so that large files can be saved completely offline to the cloud disk. WINDOWS10 Tutorial

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