The computer shuts down and automatically restarts.

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The most common reason for automatic restart after computer shutdown is caused by fast shutdown.

The solution is: ① start running input: Msconfig determine system Utility configuration Advanced Select "Disable Fast shutdown" to restart the computer.

② if it is not resolved, see if there are any drivers or hardware errors.

The computer automatically restarts when it shuts down normally, due to problems with the motherboard power management. Some motherboard power management components, due to cabling design and part quality, the response to the level signal is not very accurate. Because the motherboard cut off the power of the moment will produce an instantaneous high-pressure, this high voltage exists for a short time, the damage to the hardware is very small, but usually makes the network card, modems and other PCI devices produce a small pulse. If you do not determine the noise signal, and your motherboard bios in the automatic wake-up function, the motherboard will detect the network card and other devices, such as external connection requests, and automatically boot. This reason is due to hardware, so simply refreshing the motherboard bi0s is not a problem. You can try turning off the automatic wake-up feature in the motherboard BIOS, or at power Management setupwake-up by PCI carddisabled (turn off PCI card wakeup).

Note: If the computer automatically shutdown, you should enter the BIOS, check whether the function of the automatic shutdown of the temperature control, you can turn it off or the temperature control to increase some, to prevent its automatic shutdown.

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