The concept and difference of C/s architecture and B/S architecture

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C/S architecture

C/S architecture can also be seen as a fat client architecture. Because the client needs to implement the vast majority of business logic and interface display. In this architecture, the part of the client takes a lot of pressure because the display logic and transaction processing are included, to meet the actual project needs by interacting with the database (usually the SQL or the implementation of the stored procedure) to achieve the persisted data.

Advantages and disadvantages of C/s architecture

1. The interface and operation of the C/S architecture can be very rich.
2. Security can be very easy to ensure that the implementation of Multi-layer certification is not difficult.
3. The response is faster because there is only one layer of interaction.

1. Narrow application area, usually used in LAN.
2. User group fixed. Because the program needs to be installed before it can be used, it is not intended for some unknown users.
3. Maintenance costs are high, an upgrade occurs, all client programs need to change.

b/S structure

b/S architecture is all called browser/server, IE browser/server structure. Browser refers to the Web browser, a very small number of transaction logic in the front-end implementation, but the main transaction logic is implemented on the server side, browser client, WebApp server-side and DB-side constitute the so-called three-tier architecture. b/S architecture of the system without special installation, only a Web browser can.
b/S architecture, display logic to the Web browser, transaction processing logic on the WebApp, so as to avoid a large fat client, reduce the pressure on the client. Because the client contains very little logic, it is also becoming a thin client.

The advantages and disadvantages of B/s architecture

1) The client does not need to install, there is a Web browser.
2) BS structure can be directly placed on the WAN, through a certain degree of authority control to achieve the purpose of multiple customer access, strong interaction.
3) BS architecture upgrades the server without needing to upgrade multiple clients.

1 The BS architecture is not as satisfactory across browsers.
2 performance to achieve the degree of CS program requires a lot of effort.
3 The speed and security of the need to spend a huge cost of design, this is the biggest problem of BS architecture.

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