The connection to ADB are down, and a severe error has occured. Solution rollup and self-creating methods

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After updating the SDK version yesterday, there was an error that the SDK requirements version and the ADT version did not meet, and then the following error occurred when running the Android program startup emulator:

The connection to ADB are down, and a severe error has occured.
[2010-03-11 09:36:56-helloopone] You must restart ADB and Eclipse.
[2010-03-11 09:36:56-helloopone] Please ensure that ADB was correctly located at ' D:\OPhoneSDK_1.5
\platform-tools\adb.exe ' and can be executed.

First I put online methods have tried once, found or not, tried the method as follows, we can first try these methods, and then try to find my own method.

Online methods are as follows:

First: cmd switch to the path where ADB is located, then enter ADB kill-server separately, then enter ADB start-server

The second type: Kill Adb.exe in Task Manager and restart eclipse

Third: Check platform-tools for Adb.exe, and if not, choose to create a new folder and copy all the files in tools to Platform-tools.

Fourth: Find a DDMS in the upper right corner of Eclipse

, click Enter, and then in the upper left corner of the devices there is a downward triangle, click on the list that appears,

Select reset adb and restart Eclipse.

The fifth type: in the path path of the environment variable, add the paths where the ADB is located.

My own method:

I tried the methods above and found it was all right. Then I suddenly thought that when I started the emulator, the prompt window appeared with the hint of DDMS files not found (the following half-sentence ToolTip does not hprof-conv the file below), So I copied the hprof-conv files in the Platform-tools folder into the Tools folder, and found that I could start the simulator and run the program successfully.

The connection to ADB are down, and a severe error has occured. Solution rollup and self-creating methods

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