The construction of Rational team concert automation based on Web mode

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The Rational Team Concert (RTC) is a collaborative software development environment built on the IBM Rational software delivery technology-oriented next-generation collaboration platform Jazz. It includes integrated source control, work item management, and build management capabilities. Among them, its construction function is very rich, provides constructs the notification, the control, the tracking and so on function. At the same time, team members can view the progress of builds, errors and build results in builds, request builds, and reverse-query related changesets and work items. To meet the needs of different people, different environments, the RTC client provides a variety of versions, including stand-alone versions, individual Eclipse plug-in versions, and the way the Web is accessed.

web-based Access allows no RTC client to be installed, and can access most of the built functionality through the browser, which is a convenient way for non-developers to access it. In the browser, enter the access address of the Jazz server, select the Build project, enter the RTC-built feature selection interface, as shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3.

Figure 1.Jazz Server Web Access

Figure 2. Select the Build page

Figure 3.RTC Building Feature Selection

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