The correct use method of notebook battery

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First, the new notebook does not need to activate, also do not need to charge the first three times 12 hours deep fill deep, this is mainly lithium battery principles and characteristics of the decision. The battery design has the power to protect, it is impossible to completely run out of electricity, of course, can not overcharge.

Second, the life of the laptop battery is affected by the surrounding environment, it is best to place the computer in 25 degrees to 40 degrees between the environment. If you want to put the battery for a long time, should be placed in a dry and low-temperature environment, and make the battery remaining about half of the electricity, generally every one months or so take out charge, use once on the line.

Third, the battery capacity is not larger the better. In general, the larger the capacity of the battery life is shorter. Battery cycle life is limited, usually hundreds of times. But not the number of charges, but the total number of discharges, that is to say, when the second-hand notebook plugged into the battery box external power supply, the remaining charge of 95%, the battery will be charged to 100%, this is not a charge of electricity, to such 20 times, add up completely put 100% of the electricity, full after the full cycle. So it is not correct to use the battery completely and then charge it, and it will damage the battery.

Four, the voltage is not normal also can damage the computer. High or low pressure can damage the battery, so it is recommended to use the original laptop power adapter. In addition, lithium batteries suitable for shallow charge, so as to minimize the appearance of battery loss, charging range is 20% to 80% the most appropriate. However, deep penetration of harmful lithium-ion batteries will cause permanent damage to the positive and negative electrode of lithium ion batteries. But once in a while deep filling can correct the battery display of power data, but the more correction times, the more damage to the battery, so as little as possible to do correction.

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