The corresponding problems of Url-patter and @RequestMapping in SPRINGMVC

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principle Brief

In the background, the full URL is matched, trimmed, removed <url-pattern> specified context part, remainder URL ', and then annotated @ by the SPRINGMVC response to the request initiated by the front-end. Requestmapping go to the Controller specific method and perform the specific processing.

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Full URL of the front-end request:


The URL format specified by the servlet:


The correct configuration for the @RequestMapping is:

@RequestMapping (value= "/BBB/CCC") public
String demomethodsignature (string myparam) {/*method code*/}
If requestmapping= "/AAA/BBB/CCC", the equivalent full URL is:

Instead of wishing (forced access will show 404 pages)


It can be seen that the value of the annotation @RequestMapping is the result of the "narrow treatment" after <url-pattern>, and the excluded part

= http://localhost:8088 +/aaa
= Request Domain name default root path + <url-pattern> explicitly declared path

Conversely, if the annotation @RequestMapping value is "/x/y/z",<url-pattern> specified as "/aaa/*", the equivalent complete URL to the Controller method is accessed:

=http://localhost:8088 +/aaa +/x/y/x
= domain name root path + <url-pattern> explicitly declared path + @ Requestmapping value

Reference articles:

1, Spring MVC Url-pattern and @requestmapping mapping small problem:
2, the servlet url-pattern matching rules detailed description:

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