The cost of treating diabetes in Nanchang

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We need to know that the determination of blood glucose levels is a very powerful proof of whether we are diabetic people. The understanding of the normal value of blood sugar before meals can give us a better understanding of our situation. So, what are the normal values of blood sugar before meals?

Experts said: 1997 American Diabetes Institute (ADA) diagnostic criteria: fasting blood sugar 3.9-6.1mmol/l, more than 6.1 but less than 7.0 is called fasting glucose impaired (impaired fasting GLUCOSE,IFG), greater than or equal to 7.0mmol/l for diabetes. After meal 2 hours normal is less than 7.8mmol/l, greater than 7.8 is less than 11.0mmol/l for impaired glucose tolerance (impaired glucose tolerance,igt), greater than 11.1mmol/l for diabetes.

In addition, at any time greater than 11.1mmol/l are diabetic. The 1998 World Health Organization (WHO) Diabetes research group basically agreed to the ADA standards. Only the normal fasting blood glucose value is 5.5mmol/l.

The 2003 ADA supplements the standard, the normal fasting blood sugar is lowered to 5.6mmol/l, the rest is unchanged.

Note 1: the development of IFG and IGT has three possibilities, one can be changed to normal in the future, one can continue to remain intact, one can develop into diabetes.

Note 2: We speak of blood sugar refers to venous plasma or serum blood sugar, blood glucose (we use a portable blood glucose meter is usually capillary whole blood) because the low sugar content of the red blood cells are not separated out, so the blood sugar is lower than the hospital's blood sugar value of 10%-15% or so.

In addition, capillary blood sugar close to arterial blood glucose, in the fasting and venous blood sugar is not much, but after eating gastrointestinal absorption of sugar first reached the arterial system, and then after the peripheral metabolism back to the venous system, so after eating the arterial blood is higher than venous blood 1∽3mmol/l, so the analysis should also pay attention to the above problems.

The cost of treating diabetes in Nanchang

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