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13 It is indeed an unlucky number for Fedora. Its Beta release date is just in conflict with the next Ubuntu version LucidLynx (Note: Ubuntu10.04 is expected to be released in April 29, fedora13 should be released in early May as planned ). Compared with Ubuntu10.04, Fedora13Beta is eclipsed because of its lack of cool functions for new Linux users, but it has been greatly reflected in Ubuntu10.04.

13 It is indeed an unlucky number for Fedora. Its Beta release date is just in conflict with the next Ubuntu version Lucid Lynx (Note: Ubuntu 10.04 is expected to be released in April 29, and Fedora 13 should be released in early May as planned ). Compared with Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13 Beta is eclipsed because of its lack of cool features for new Linux users, but it has been greatly reflected in Ubuntu 10.04, therefore, it is more difficult to get favor from mainstream users than ever before.

I remember that at the time of the release of Fedora 12, project leader Paul Frields once said that he would like to make Fedora the first release to attract users to contribute to open source.

Unfortunately, the Fedora 13 Beta version is completely prepared for skilled users, and many new features are hidden, which is hard to find, this is in stark contrast to the latest Ubuntu Beta version.

Many new functions in Ubuntu are designed around users' daily applications, such as the social network application and Ubuntu One music store installed by default. With the updated degree of each component, Fedora, still welcome. The impressive feature is the brand new, Experimental Feature of Fedora 13, which provides open source 3D acceleration support solutions for Nvidia graphics cards.

The latest and stable version of the Fedora product line is Fedora 12. Since then, Fedora uses an open-source driver to provide 3D support for the latest ATI graphics card. Thanks to the Nouveau driver, Fedora 13 can provide support for Nvidia graphics cards. Of course, Fedora will not prevent you from using closed-source, proprietary drivers, but this is the first time that open-source solutions have emerged on this platform.

The driver is installed automatically, but it still needs to be improved.

Unfortunately, at least temporarily you need to install the Nvidia driver on your own (read: Fedora 12 is the perfect installation of the nvidia official driver). Because it is experimental, the installation package may also have problems. If you have an Nvidia graphics card and want to test the Beta version, please remember to report any bugs you encounter to the Fedora Project Team and provide relevant log files.

Other new features in Fedora 13 include automatic installation of the printer driver, which means that if you connect to a supported printer, Fedora will automatically download and install the driver for you, this is not the most exciting new feature we see, but it does provide a friendly out-of-the-box feature.

It is also worth mentioning that Fedora 13 has upgraded the NetworkManager component, including a new command line interface and a redesigned user management interface, which makes network management more convenient.

The installation is simplified, but the change is not changed

The Anaconda installer of Fedora has also been modified to simplify the installation process for desktops and laptops. In fact, some non-critical settings are hidden behind the buttons, however, advanced users can click these buttons for fine-tuning.

Interestingly, when installing a system that has more than GB of free disk space, Anaconda creates the/home directory on its own partition by default, I don't know why the/home directory should be placed on the system partition when Anaconda has GB of available space. Of course, you can also adjust it manually during the installation process, put the/home directory in a separate partition, but this is obviously not suitable for beginners.

Fedora 13 has also upgraded a large number of software packages, including the default desktop Gnome upgrade to 3.2, OpenOffice upgrade to 3.2, and Empathy upgrade.

Audio/Video quality is further improved, and everything is up to date

Firefox also upgraded to 3.6, which supports HTML 5 video tags and Ogg Theora video codec standard. But Fedora is the first Linux release that supports Theora 1.1, theora 1.1 video quality and professional H. the 264 video codec standard is equivalent to that of Theora 1.1. supported by the Org Foundation, Mozilla and Fedora developers.

For those who work in the Fedora graphic interface, they will certainly like the color management system that Fedora 13 brings to Gnome desktop, and even support specialized ICC or ICM configuration files from vendors, you only need to double-click them to configure them.

For Python programmers, Fedora 13 delivers the gospel and provides Python 2.6 and Python 3.0 environments, so for those who want to test whether their code can be upgraded from 2.6 to 3.0, this makes things much easier.

In Fedora 13, the KDE Desktop was upgraded to 4.4, providing better Pulse Audio integration.


Fedora 13 looks like a version worth upgrading. Although it lacks some features that are required by daily users in Ubuntu 10.04, it is still a very friendly release version, if you only support one Nvidia graphics card, it is worth upgrading for most people.

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