The death of the father of C, Dennis Ritchie, sparked the global ";" Mourning

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In numerous international interactive forums, computer enthusiasts commemorate the important founders of the programming language in a unique way. Many users of the post without single word, leaving only a semicolon ";". In the C language, the semicolon marks the end of a line of instructions, netizens to mourn the "C language of the Father", the American famous computer expert Dennis Ritchie (Dennis Ritchie) led by the Times quietly away.

In the increasingly complex programming language kingdoms, C language always occupies a place because of its concise, effective and universal characteristics. Known as the "father of C language", but also the father of the operating system UNIX, one of the C language inventors Dennis Ritchie October 9 at the age of 70 years old died.

Born on September 9, 1941, Dennis Ritchie studied physics and applied mathematics at Harvard University, where he went to Bell Labs in 1967 and was a leader in the System software Research department at Lucent Technologies.

In 1983, the American Computer Association awarded the Turing Award of the year to Ken Thompson and Ricky, a software engineer, for their "research and development of general operating system theory, especially the UNIX operating system". Also, the American Computer Association decided to set up a new award software System Award to reward the best software developers, and the first software system award was certainly not the two of them.

Despite being soft on the UNIX prize, it was the C language that made Ricky's biggest concern and response. In 1999, Ricky and Thompson acquired the National Technical Medal for the development of the C-language and UNIX operating systems.

Although the C language, C + +, Java and other high-level computer languages abound, but many programmers still believe that C language concise, efficient, flexible features make it unique charm. "The current programming is moving in a more lengthy and bulky direction, while C is a relatively ' low ' language, but its simplicity is irreplaceable." "A computer programmer has explained why he prefers C language.

Like the C language that Ricky created, Unix systems also feature simplicity, simplicity, and compactness. But as Ricky himself has said, "Unix is a simple basic operating system, but learning to appreciate simplicity requires talent." But Ricky himself, in spite of his pivotal position in the history of software development, has worked hard and low-key in the field for nearly 40 years.

In mourning for Ricky's forum, many fans expressed their perennial respect for the "father of C", a fan message said: "Thank Dennis Ritchie, so that we have this concise and beautiful language." ”

"I learned that Dennis Ritchie died at home after enduring a long period of suffering," said Google's engineer Parker, who was in the company's name on Google +. In addition, I did not get more information. ”

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"The father of the C language" is also the "father of hackers."

Thanks to the two achievements of C and UNIX, Ricky became an object of worship for many programming enthusiasts. The C programming language, published by Ricky in 1978, is known by programmers as a "white paper" that has been enthusiastically embraced.

However, because of the simplicity and efficiency of the C language, it has also become one of the powerful tools to invade others ' computers. Ricky has been revered as a mentor to many computer hackers, although Ricky himself does not endorse the claim.

Shortly after the successful development of UNIX, PDP-11, who installed the program, was put at Bell Labs for everyone to use. One day, we found that two founders were always able to get the highest level of access to their account easily, and in a place like Bell Labs, it was simply intolerable. As a result, a number of disgruntled colleagues carefully analyze UNIX code, find the backdoor, modify and then recompile the entire UNIX program. When everyone thought that the world should be quiet, but found that their account authority is still easy to divulge. It was not until many years later that Ken and Richicai the fact that there was a backdoor in the original code, but not in Unix code, but in the compiler that compiled UNIX.

Develop a C language for playing games

As a great programming language, C language is the use of the wings of the UNIX operating system to take off, the UNIX operating system also due to the existence of C language to quickly take root, the two complement each other, the achievements of the software in the history of the most exciting scene.

Incredibly, the Unix operating system was born not to go to market, not even for more people to use, but only for the convenience of the author, and the original intention is to be able to play the game more smoothly. Even the awkward name of Unix is a joke on an earlier name called the Multics operating system.

In 1967, the first project that Ricky was involved in was Multics, an operating system project that was designed to run on mainframe computers, but because the entire target was too large to blend too many features, the performance of Multics was low and ended in failure. Ken Thompson, one of the developers of the Multics project, continued to develop software for GE-5 and eventually wrote a new operating system project to support simultaneous multiuser operations, later UNIX.

Inadvertently, the miracle was born, because of the many advantages of UNIX, people call it the Swiss Army knife in the software. This once again proves that innovation in the IT industry is often an interest, not a lot of money.

The original UNIX was written in assembly language, and some applications were written in a mixed language called B-language, and in the process of porting, there was a lot of trouble. As early as the Multics project adjustment process, it is urgent to need a high-level computer language tools, in order to solve the problem of portability of the program, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie decided to make simple improvements to form NB language. However, NB in the UNIX transplant is still unsatisfactory, after Ricky again on the NB language has been improved, C language was born.

This is regarded by the computer community as an epoch-making action, C language allows UNIX to be easily ported to a variety of different machines, for the rapid popularization of UNIX to make a contribution.

The death of the father of C, Dennis Ritchie, sparked the global ";" Mourning

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