The design and realization of students ' record entry system

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Team members: Ye Yuexin, Guiyangyang, Liu Yu Stage 1-System requirements analysis

[ must do 1] list the performance input system function requirements.

Functional Requirements Input Processing Output
Password input Password input Judging whether it is correct Yes, come on.
Teacher into
Student Record Entry
Student performance Changes
Input data Update data Output data
Exit system Input data Determine whether to exit Exit

[ must do 2] draw the student score input system use case diagram.

[ must do 3] The system development work is broken down into a number of tasks, draw a WBS.

[ must do 4] Assign a task to a team member. Lists task allocation tables.

Serial number Task Name Completed by Starting and Ending Time Results Confirmation Person Note
1 List the function requirements of the score entry system Di Tian Dream 4.23 Liu Yu
2 Draw a use case diagram of the student's score entry system Guiyangyang 4.23 Ye Yuexin Use case diagrams require 1 of functional requirements
3 Break down the system development work into several tasks and draw a WBS Ye Yuexin 4.24 Guiyangyang
4 Draw a Task assignment table Liu Yu 4.24 Di Tian Dream Task assignment requires a WBS decomposition task that requires 3

Modification of Teacher's personal information

Ye Yuexin Di Tian Dream Teacher Module

Student Record Entry

Guiyangyang Liu Yu

Student Grades Modified Delete

Ye Yuexin Di Tian Dream

Student Results Query Summary

Guiyangyang Liu Yu

Add, modify, and delete teacher information

Di Tian Dream Ye Yuexin

Basic information management for teachers


Add, modify, and delete student information

Liu Yu Guiyangyang

Basic information management for students


Add, modify, delete accounts

Di Tian Dream Ye Yuexin

Performance management


Revise and delete scores

Liu Yu Guiyangyang

Sentiment: Through analysis, this should be a complicated procedure, hope that through division of labor, we can work together to complete this program.

The design and realization of students ' record entry system

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