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Life and reality have a lot of frustration, when we visit the Internet, these negative emotions are often easily magnified. Up to a variety of negative news, down to the browser cotton, we are easily caught in the state of the crazy can not extricate themselves. So, for web designers, you should try to avoid the details of what makes the user obsessed and crazy. Next we summarize 10 of the most user-mad details and the corresponding solutions.

1, unable to submit the form

As if in the world, this problem is the most and most unbearable problem to be reflected. User input content in the search box, blink of an eye; the altar friends in the forum in the text, write 1000 words of Wonderful spit, under the dark cool, submit content, the result suddenly page blank, everything is gone!

You should solve this way:

If you're a web developer, you just need to add some JavaScript code to your form, use a validation library, or submit the form via Ajax. If you want the form submission to be more logical on the server side, make sure the user fills in the previously uncommitted content.

2, the miracle of the verification link

I don't think I'm the only one who hates it. A long string of characters that are almost unrecognizable to the naked eye (yes, you, Google) and some validation mechanisms you don't even understand what it is. Of course, if you encounter the miracle of the verification code can not be submitted at the same time, it is estimated to die of heart have!

Such a verification code ... How do you let the American people who have no Chinese input method input!

You should solve this way:

Spam and spam-driven robots are becoming more intelligent, which is the main reason for the increasingly complex validation mechanism. In many verification mechanisms carefully selected, there are always a few more humane. For example, using a picture of the house number as a validation, at least for humans, is easier to identify.

3. Spam Mail

You hate it when a Web site starts to push you through an e-mail message with unwanted information. Of course, worse than this, you find that you can't unsubscribe from it ... Here, call the name and criticize LinkedIn.

You should solve it this way:

As a webmaster you only need to do 2 things: 1, do not send junk mail. 2, close your LinkedIn account, thank you.

  4. Unreasonable setting name

The use of creative language in the buttons and settings of Web pages often makes users wonder: "I have a rub, what is this!?" Do you want to check?

You should solve it this way:

In the Settings Ah button these places try to use simple and intuitive wording, use a clear check box, do not use too many options, as far as possible to make the entire set of the interface logic clear, classification clear.

 5, the very long form

We will spend a lot of time on the Internet, but the most annoying part of the process is to fill out that very long form. This situation is often seen in the registration site or forum, fill out the mailbox password personal information, you still have to fill in the number of companies, like color, talk about a few love, and so see the Submit button can click when you will find yourself on the brink of collapse. Of course, exhausted you are also very easy to fill out the wrong authentication code ...

You should solve it this way:

For the vast number of sites, do not need so much complex information! So as a web designer or webmaster, you should try to provide users with the most critical information is enough. As many web sites do, provide a password for the mailbox, or directly invoke APIs such as Sina Weibo or Google account.

  6, the Spot advertisement

For Google browsers and users of the Firefox browser, should be very familiar with the anti-advertising plug-ins it? See the video before there is advertising, when you see the female owner of the escape, immersed in the plot, when suddenly inserted yogurt ads, this is what! Similarly, ads that are plugged into apps and key parts of the Web are also maddening.

You should solve it this way:

This kind of ad will split the website experience, make the user fidgety, I think you also have no less in the Youku user comments to see the advertisement of the Spit slot. Too pit daddy's in-box ads will prompt users to install an ad-plugin. The solution is simply to remove the ads from these parts.

7, confirm the closed window

From the bottom of my heart I really hate this window. I have decided to leave this page, the results of the site also to dragged let me reconfirm, when the mood is not particularly easy to make people anxious to get angry.

I really want to close the page!

You need to solve it this way:

You are a bad person. Turn off your website. Laugh

  8, the content is placed to the unexpected place

The user interface and interaction should be logical. Buttons and operations should be in line with the user context, and app and Web navigation should be clear and intuitive. So, don't put some of the content, buttons in some strange place. The counter example is as follows:

You should solve it this way:

• Read some articles about UX and UI design, which will help you find and solve many usability problems.

• Take a closer look at the operations of your friends and relatives using your site or app, and if they're not clear, then you'll have to redesign it.

 9, on the phone on the display is not normal

It reminds me of the days when web designers couldn't wait to ditch the 1024x768 resolution. In the mobile end of the explosive growth of today, open a page to see the sudden discovery is the desktop side of the page, wtf?! Is it that hard to make a responsive web page?

Quore is probably trying to force you to use their client.

You should solve it this way:

The mobile end of the user access will only be more and more large, so as far as possible to make a responsive web site. WordPress Web sites can use responsive themes, or use grid systems, Bootstrap is also good.

 10. Pay Wall

Some websites that offer high quality content use a sound business model: show you the beginning, and then tell you on the pay wall that you can only pay to see what's behind.

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